Effects Of Ocean Acidification Essay

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Due to the carbon dioxide levels increasing over time, the acidification of the ocean has become much stronger. Behavior patterns are not the only thing changing because of the rising temperatures; the migration patterns are changing as well. I chose to analyze a marine science article published by Inside Science News. The article, “Ocean Acidification May Change How Sharks Behave,” was based on a study that was trying to prove how swimming patterns and temperature changes would affect a shark’s behavioral patterns. The statement, ‘sharks will drown if they stop swimming,’ has been proved as a myth, however, as the acidity increases in the ocean, sharks have been found to be swimming for longer periods of time. It has been suggested that the rising of the atmospheric carbon dioxide levels is on of the leading causes in the acidification in the ocean. With the ocean’s rising acidity levels, …show more content…
This causes the species in the species in the ocean to either adapt to the changes or to migrate to another section of the ocean that meets their needs. For example, as the temperatures in the ocean rise, dolphins have migrated further down into the southern hemisphere. Polar bears have been found feasting on caucuses of dolphins in the Arctic. Glaciers have also been dissolving at a faster rate than a hundred years ago. As the glaciers dissolve, they move further apart from each other. This causes female polar bears to move further inland when delivering their cubs. When the female polar bears hunt for food, they are not able to stray far from their den, causing them to starve. In conclusion, ocean acidification causes a problem in the ecosystem. Not only are behavior patterns changed of marine life, but migration patterns are as well. The common theme that I have found is absorption of carbon dioxide in the ocean. This causes massive changes throughout the ocean, all over the

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