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  • Glacier Melting Effects

    Glaciers are defined as a persistent body of extremely dense ice that forms over millions of years in result of very cold temperatures that occurred on Earth during the Ice Age. The formation of Glaciers results when an abundance of snow exceeds its melting and sublimation point over many centuries. However, the introduction of global warming to the Earth is causing an adverse effect on all glaciers around the world, thus riding the world of the essential necessities glaciers have provided us for multiple centuries. Glaciers hold the largest amount of surface freshwater on Earth and make up 10% if land area. Places that hold the majority of glacier bodies are Antarctica, Greenland and the Canadian Arctic. In Figure 6.3 of “Elemental Geosystems” it is explained how out of the percentage of water on Earth only 2.78% is Freshwater. However ice and glaciers make up 99.357% of the surface freshwater. Making them the greatest storage unit of freshwater on Earth (Christopherson & Birkeland, 2016). In essence the North and South poles are important storage units containing almost all of the freshwater located on Earth. With how large glaciers become (the weight of the new snow that forms on top and the lower solid ice part) causes it to move downhill. The Iceberg you may have seen in the movie ‘Titanic was once part of a huge Glacier that originated in Greenland. “Most icebergs in the North Atlantic split off from glaciers in Greenland. It was one of these Glaciers that sank the…

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  • The Tasman Glacier

    Introduction The Tasman Glacier is located in the heart of the Southern Alps, in the South Island of New Zealand. Tasman Glacier is New Zealand’s biggest glacier and therefore is an attraction. However, the Glacier has been retreating due to a number of processes which are operating. For example, between the years of 2000-2006, the Tasman Glacier had retreated at approximately 54 metres per year (Robert C. Dykes, Brook, & Winkler, 2010). The aim of this research was to gain an understanding as…

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  • Hudson Valley Ice Age

    The last ice age happened 2 million years ago until 10,000 years ago. At this point, North America is at its normal position, north of the equator. The glacier that covered the Ice Age was the Laurentide Ice Sheet. Before the Ice Age, there was a valley called the Hudson Valley. During the Ice Age a glacier scraped through the rock, which gouged out 240 meters of rock. The sediments got removed from their previous location and deposited in a huge pile, a terminal moraine in Long Island. The…

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  • Snowball Earth Lab Report

    GG310 OCEANOGRAPHY Evaluate the geological evidence for so-called ‘Snowball Earth’ glacial episodes in the Precambrian and the hypothesis that these episodes were critical in the evolution of complex life. Introduction The importance of this period is that multicellular evolution began to accelerate after the last glacial ended.refbookpage829.The term Snowball Earth refers to the hypothesis that in the distant past, specifically the Cryogenian period (850-630 million years ago), the earth’s…

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  • Essay On Permafrost

    Permafrost Remember Mood Rings? They were rings that change colors depending on your emotions. At least that’s what they wanted us to think. Mood Rings are really thermochroic liquid crystals that color changes based on the temperature of the finger. Something that seems so permanent like the color of a crystal is subject to change just by the mere change of the temperature of its environment. Some environments are also rigid and structured just like the crystals in Mood Rings, but yet, are also…

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  • Great Glaciers Research Paper

    Glaciers were once present in Minnesota thousands of years ago, and as they retreated, they left behind large amounts of glacial meltwater and various landforms still present to this day. A glacier is a massive piece of ice that completely destroys everything in its path. A glacier is formed when snow is present in a location for a long period of time, long enough to freeze all together to be conjoined into a massive chunk of ice. Glaciers are usually formed on a high elevation location. When on…

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  • Glacier Climate Change

    Glaciers and Climate Change Glacier ice is the largest reservoir of freshwater, supporting one third of the world's population. Glaciers exist on all continents except Australia and at virtually all latitudes from the tropics to the poles. “How can a piece of a very large ice effect anything?” was my thought before I truly know what glacier is. According to national snow & ice data center, glaciers are made up accumulation of fallen snow exceeds its ablation over many years, and even centuries. …

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  • Physical Geography

    of natural environment such as atmosphere, biosphere, and geosphere. It also involves the geography of places like mountains, plains, prairies , etc. Areas within physical geography can be divided into categories such as these and others. Geomorphology the study of the earth, how it was, and how it continues to be shaped. It helps us to predict future changes. Pedology is the study of soils in the natural environment. Palaeography is the study of preserved material in lavers throughout…

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  • Literary Devices In Icefield

    third-person limited omniscient point of view, Elspeth’s feelings about Byrne are held back to avoid bothering him. In Elspeth’s first entry she talks about how her true wish is to have Byrne visits her once in a while and because of this she feels weak. Outside of this example, readers would not simply be able to piece together Elspeth’s true intentions for her relationship with Byrne. The relationship between Hal and Freya is already apparent and in Hal’s entry he goes into detail on what…

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  • Methods Of Dating Essay

    This method can supply us with an exact age, therefore, based on the method of Absolute Dating. If a scientist cuts a tree trunk, he will observe circular lines or rings, each ring around represents a year in the tree 's life. The drawback of Dendrochronolgy is that it only works for certain species of trees that grow in climates with seasons (83). In addition to dating trees, this dating process is also useful to anthropologists in other studies. According to the internet article, The Solar…

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