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  • Dreamworlds 3

    Annie Leibovitz’s contribution to the 2016 version of the Pirelli Calendar shows that there is more to women than just their waist size and a pretty face. In the more than 50 years the Pirelli has produced it’s calendar, each iteration has featured some of the world 's most beautiful , scarcely clad models posing in sometimes explicit ways. When Leibovitz was chosen to be the photographer for the 2016 issue, she had a different plan in mind. Instead of choosing twelve models and actresses, she called upon accomplished directors, athletes, artists, and comedians to be featured in the calendar. This concept of commending these women for their feats and accomplishments rather than their looks is a growing trend in media and modern culture. This calendar as well as the 2017 edition show that our culture is changing. It is no longer acceptable to reduce women to simple sexual objects for companies to use as a marketing ploy. In our modern culture women can accomplish things in the same way that men can. Because this calendar is known specifically for featuring scantily clad models, it is a good indicator of changing trends in how women are perceived at the current time. The choices Leibovitz made in this photoshoot show that women are taking a step towards becoming more than just a sex object to our culture. Dreamworlds 3 showed how media portrays women simply as objects with no real purpose or need but to serve the sexual needs of a man. Often methods are used to reduce the…

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  • Analysis Of Brand Campaign

    showed in this video accord with the semiotics of Under Armour. In the second video, without any background music and voiceover, supermodel Gisele Bundchen practice boxing along in a gym, while some questioned words appear constantly on the wall around her. However, Gisele hits the sandbag intently and ignore these criticisms. In this video, in addition to the use of interactivity of new media technology, supermodel Gisele Bundchen’s joining is also the one of the reasons on the success of…

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  • The Influence Of Lincoln Electric Company's Culture

    Lincoln electric company 's culture is based on openess and trust, shared control and egalitatmrianism. However the company also has subcultures which are people-oriented ,outcome oriented, role modeling, customer service, and reward systems.These culture as well as the influence (beliefs,views towards employees) of the founder J. Lincoln is what contributes to the company 's sucess. Production workers receive merit pay, they are paid according to how many units they produce instead of hourly…

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  • Lincoln Electric Company Organizational Culture

    “Analyzing the Lincoln Electric Company to Determine its Organizational Culture” This essay uses the framework from chapter eight of the textbook to analyze the Lincoln Electric Company in determine its organizational culture. The first feature to be analyzed is the influence of the founders on the company from when it started until now. The second group of features to be analyzed at the Lincoln Electric Company includes its incentive management plan, its performance appraisal system, its…

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  • Gender Equality In The Iliad

    “…I know we have still not shattered that highest and hardest glass ceiling, but some day someone will…and to all the little are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world…” This powerful statement from Hillary Clinton’s concession speech on November 8, 2016 depicts the need that our culture still has for gender equality. Throughout history there has been a battle between the sexes, mainly men attempting to take power away from women. Stories or…

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  • Criminal Behavior: A Psychological Analysis

    to outline how criminal behavior is more likely in certain contexts. The existence of a possible, accessible victim, a motivated offender, and a lack of competent guardianship combine to create an opportunity structure (Haggerty 2009). They argue that crime and violence are sociogenic; poverty, unemployment, societally blocked means to legitimate ends may all contribute to someone’s entrance into crime (Holmes and Holmes 1998). Perhaps the situations that allow for sociopathy (e.g.…

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  • Importance Of Preliminary Investigation In Criminal Investigation

    When it comes to crime scene investigation, a thorough preliminary investigation is usually required, the reason being to end up with a follow-up investigation. Preliminary investigations seldom provide a sufficient amount of information to arraign a criminal case, consequently the necessity of a thorough preliminary investigation is imperative. Crime scene investigators apprehend that in order to continue with their investigation and to legitimately prosecute a criminal case, evidence that is…

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  • Child Abduction Investigation

    Introduction This world is comprised of men, women and children. Every day, there is a new child that is born. Every day there is also a child that is reported missing. According to the National Child Kidnapping Facts, there is a small percentage of children that go missing or has been abducted by a stranger each day (1%) (National Child Kidnapping Facts, 2003). In this body of work, a detailed examination of investigation procedures involving child abduction that results in homicide will be…

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  • Violence Towards Women In The Duchess Of Malfi By John Webster And Woyzeck

    This drama study will define the conflict of male gender dominance and violence towards women in The Duchess of Malfi by John Webster and Woyzeck by Georg Buchner. In Webster’s play, the duchess is continually at the mercy of her brother, Ferdinand, because he does not want her to inherit their father’s money. The duchess has an illicit love affair with Antonio, which makes it possible for Ferdinand and the Cardinal to have her executed for an illicit love affair. This form of male gender…

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  • Saigon Petes Case Study

    Saigon Pete’s aims to capitalize on the food truck industry that is still growing, albeit at a slower pace than in the past. The goal is to expand while maintaining profit margins and the high quality service that our customers are accustomed to. The plan is to add another food truck to the existing fleet of three and possibly another route. The changes should result in an increase in revenues as well as profits within a two years. Saigon Pete’s is a chain of food trucks serving banh mi…

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