Importance Of Criminal Investigation

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When it comes to crime scene investigation, a thorough preliminary investigation is usually required, the reason being to end up with a follow-up investigation. Preliminary investigations seldom provide a sufficient amount of information to arraign a criminal case, consequently the necessity of a thorough preliminary investigation is imperative. Crime scene investigators apprehend that in order to continue with their investigation and to legitimately prosecute a criminal case, evidence that is relevant to the scene must be collected, processed and documented accordingly.

A set of guidelines on conducting a meticulous preliminary investigation for a criminal case would begin with observing the conditions, events and state of the scene, along
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In order to be effective, they must also be an efficient communicator who has a wide and

excellent range of people skills. Social skills are vital to this career because they must be able to relate to the witnesses or anyone that they are dealing with in order to make them comfortable while being interrogated/interviewed, which is highly important. An effective investigator must also be open-minded about anything in regards to cases that they are dealing with. They must steer clear of prejudice because if they allow personal beliefs to get in the way, most of what is collected will turn out to be biased and it may have a high possibility of being considered ‘tampering with
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This, however, does not occur due to the people in our society making everything revolve around technology. Some of them want the information released if it occurred in their community to stabilize their worries, proclaim that they are entitled to protecting their right to know and to know if their families would remain safe. Others, on the other hand, believe that this freedom of information through media outlets and privacy rights of the criminals violates their constitutional rights and that should not be taken from them. In my belief, the criminal investigation process should be released to the public in order to allow the community to maintain stability and vice

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