Moral Issues In Remember The Titans

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Welcome Mr Harrop and of course my fellow peers. I am here today to analyse the moral dilemmas and moral issues in non-literary texts and help gain an understanding how text structures, language and visual features are used in order to influence an audience. The film that I will be analyzing and evaluating is called ‘Remember The Titans’ . Directed by Boaz Yakin and released in 2001, Remember The Titan addresses the moral issues and dilemmas surrounding the ‘black’ and ‘white’ community of Virginia. The characters in this film will face many moral dilemmas/issues as they have been forced to work as a team with another race. The director has used many structural techniques to give the viewer an insight into the sad and divided place
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Coach Yoast was the most successful and loved football coach and when he was demoted brought about a negative reaction from him, his boys and alas, the white community of Alexandria. Feelings of betrayal and anger escaped Coach Yoast but in order to not cause an uproar he buried them accepting his fate. Coach Yoast had a rocky start with Coach Boone. Who can blame him, his pride and joy was ripped away from him and given to someone else. All just to settle the feud within the town. As time progressed Yoast started to see a team that was once so badly broken, flourish into a team full of brothers, friends and teammates. During a game, the titans were seen to be losing and during their time out where gathered for a speech from Coach Boone. The boys seemed to be down and hurting over the fact that all their hard work in the camp was all for nothing. Coach Yoast remarked “ You've taught this city how to trust the soul of a man rather than the look of him. And I guess it's about time I joined the club”. This was the first time Coach Yoast unveiled his true feelings and started seeing the differences in appearances as a strength rather than a weakness. By using this textual structure the director showed how people can change under the right circumstances and how the events that lead to Coach Yoast’s …show more content…
The very things that challenge how we will react in certain situations. “Remember The Titans” brings about these challenges and shows how the director has used textual structures to highlight the dilemmas that the characters face. It’s proven throughout the speech that there were some characters that changed their moral values in the film and began to see the world differently. By representing these dilemmas in such a way that makes the viewer really think about the world around them and not everything is fine, he has shown us that there are indeed imperfections to the ‘perfect’ world we think we live in. Boaz Yakin has created an effective film with flawless structural language and emphasised a story not of two teams playing football to win but of two teams coming together and winning over each

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