Remember The Dog In The Night Time Analysis

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After exploring the themes and concepts of the texts we have studied in class, I have developed an understanding of the struggles and successes of other’s life experiences. This has been explored in reading “The Curious Incident of The Dog in The Night-Time,” by British author Mark Haddon, showing the way that society treats Christopher because of his mental illness. In addition to “Remember The Titans,” directed by Boaz Yakin, revealing how extreme racism and discrimination was in the 1960’s for African Americans. Thus, allowing the reader to experience the world from another person’s perspective.
Published in 2003, “The Curious Incident of The Dog in The Night-Time” is a mystery novel narrated by a 15-year old boy with an autistic spectrum
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When challenged with the arrival of new school boards, all black schools were forced to integrate with all white schools causing disturbances that could jeopardise their treasured football tradition. Although racism is heavily addressed throughout the film, the purpose of it is much more than that, it’s the realisation that of we are able to put our diversities in culture behind us, we can work together as a team, as a community. After arrival at the camp and Coach Boones buddy system is put into place, Julius begins putting a Black Power salute poster on the wall. Gary gets irritated by this and tells him to take it down “I ain't looking at that for two weeks’ man. Take it down,” he says. Julius refuses to do so, thus resulting in a fight between the two. The use of close ups in this scene gives us a clear view of Julius’ emotions and how he feels about the situation. This is something he strongly believes in and is willing to fight for and as an audience we see this and empathise him. At 3am the team is woken by Coach Boone to go for a run, he then leads to the battleground of the Battle of Gettysburg “This is Gettysburg. This is where they fought the Battle of Gettysburg. Fifty thousand men died right here on this field, fightin' the same fight that we're still fightin' amongst ourselves today.” Boone says in

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