Philosophy Of Blues Music

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A terrible mistake started something big and strong. Racism has gone on for decades and it was something normal. Nobody said anything about it and even slaves themselves. They didn’t make it a big riot. They didn’t have the right. They were nothing for the “yankees.” So the slaves started something different. Something quiet but loud.
They sang! They wrote songs about their slave life and racism that they had to see every day. Their songs had different codes that only, but only they could understand. Then they added instruments and they used anything they could find or use. They had fun and the music was marvelous. By the 1920s jazz and blues were exploited. Everyone wanted to hear it even the white people. Whites wanted to hear them sing
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In the beginning of the current rock music, rock and roll (or rock and roll), and music genres such as rockabilly played an important role. Blues music is influenced by rock type of music called directly. Blues philosophy for its examination of the philosophy of rock music cannot be examined. Who invented the blues, blacks, they stated in a closed manner above reproach against the persecution of the white. It develops gradually blues artists on the cover slowly lifting it to my site, they began to make their music more clearly in the same way. Reflect my words and the music has started to enter the growing insurgency in size. In such an era of rock began to make a name. The Rock Blues, Jazz had given birth to no longer affected. The biggest reason for the use of electric guitar music rebellion of the distorted sound effects, called ears raspy tone and pain is thought to reflect the best possible way.Rock and Roll dominated popular music in the latter half of the 1950s by the “youth”. Since most of the parents didn’t like of Rock and Roll music, youth made it more popular. Rock music was their own rebellion way and it was just starting. Rock artists of the 1950s , Sam Phillips , Jackie Brensto (the " Rocket 88 " the album ) , Bill Haley , Elvis Presley , Chuck Berry , Bo Diddley , Fats Domino ,Buddy Holly Little Richard , Jerry Lee Lewis , Gene Vincent ,Wanda Jackson, Ritchie Valens and …show more content…
sub-species of this genre usually emphasizes one or several of these elements is or neglect to change. New York Times critic Jon Pareles about it, " Popular music Classification of heavy metal , hard rock rhythm changes many subspecies less , less blues offers a collection with more showmanship and brute force . " he said. "A typical heavy metal band drummer , bassist , rhythm guitarist , main guitarist and instrumentalist or a singer consists of rings. keyboard instrument to increase the fullness of the sound is also used in some groups .The use of electric guitar with amplifier is the basis of the history of heavy metal. Classical vocalist master guitarist with frequent roles are in conflict with each other. This situation creates scenes struggle for the soul, but to create a musical excitement. [6] frank expression of feelings for the counter-culture of the 60s, reflecting the basic metal music, the necessary olmuştur.eleştir man Simon Frith metal singer in order to show that there has been a real sign is more important than the words of the tone that söylemiştir.metal music vocalist is very diverse. Judas Priest 's Rob Halford and Iron Maiden without Bruce Dickinson 's voice, while high octave and theatrical, Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead and Metallica 's James Hetfield 's voice is

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