Why Memory Is Important

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When I was 3 years old I remember grabbing the mayonnaise jar and sticking my hand in there and just grabbing a spoonful of the mayo and while my mom was asleep, I would spread mayo all over my mom’s hair. We all did antics as little kids, because we didn’t know what we were doing, our brains were just developing. We couldn’t make out wrong from right, we had to be told our rights and wrongs. Our memories stored inside our brain are there for many reasons. Memories help us shape the kind of person we are to this moment, they help as a guide in the everyday decisions we have on a daily basis.
Ever since I was able to process things and listen, my mom used to always tell me stories about my little adventurous antics that I used to do when I
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I’ve never received a detention from school, my mother has never received a call from school saying I was misbehaving. My mother doesn’t have to worry about me, because I’ve learned to always behave and have respect for others. I’ve learned that one’s actions whether good or bad, any action made has a consequence; good or bad. This has taught me to face the consequences, because running away from them won’t help or teach you anything. Learning to stay calm in situations before has actually helped and taught me and others around me, by making sure to always have a clear mind and maintain positivity. Being an optimistic person helps in difficult situations, because you see the cup of water half full; you know? Try to see if the situation has a bright side as well as the dark side. It helps set an example for my younger sibling, to basically be an optimistic person. First kisses are meant to be special. Well at least to at least have to almost half of the population in the world they’re meant to …show more content…
These memories are what makeup the ongoing experiences in your life, they make up who you are. They are what ties your past and present together, what provides a better sense of the future you want to have. Without the ability to retrieve memories, or to even memorize events, and other important things; who knows what kind of world this would be. Remembering, is not only important for when you need to know a street, but it also brings emotions to our lives. In general, memories help us build ourselves, provides comfort and security around

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