Never Fall For A Straight Girl

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There are few things I know for certain in this world. The sky is blue, everybody dies eventually, and I am gay.

My parents were way more accepting of it than I expected. After spending nearly half my life in the closet, I let it slip out one night. Bowling, of all things. You have to understand— I’m the world’s worst bowler. I can’t throw the ball down the middle of the lane to save my life. And so, after yet another toss into the gutter, I turned around and announced to my parents that apparently I bowl as straight as I am.

That was four years ago. Currently, the issue is that I have broken the first rule of being sapphic— you never fall for a straight girl.

Her name is Kitty Matthews, and she’s a swimmer. Kind of cliché, being sweet on the out-of-your-league athlete, I know. But you can’t help who you fall for. And anybody with any brains in their head would— she’s
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I think… I think I might like you.” I flash a smile.

“I’ve liked you for a while.”




“Is it okay if I kiss you?”

In lieu of a response, she stretches her neck a little more towards me and bumps my nose with hers. Our lips fuse a moment later, and it’s different from how I pictured it. I always imagined my first kiss being some awkward, frantic thing with hormones flying like confetti and tongues going everywhere. It is not like that.

I find that I enjoy kissing Kitty Matthews much more than I could have ever imagined. Her lips are soft, and taste sweet. There’s a salty tang, blood from biting her lip so hard just a moment ago. When she pulls away, I can see the sparkle in her eyes. She beams, and the faint light slipping in through the blinds catches on her teeth.

“I liked that,” she whispers.

“Me too.”

“Winnie, I’m not straight.”

“Me neither,” I giggle. “Can we do that some more?” This time, I duck my head, so that my mouth meets hers— chaste and sweet. We fall asleep with her head tucked into the crook of my neck, my arm slung over her

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