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  • Liberation Theology Movement Analysis

    structure became sensible. Politically, the hierarchies of the church, military, and other authority discovered that their “power” is limited compared to the limitless power of the divine. The Church also became aware of itself as an institution to correct its wrongdoings and help the community genuinely. Today, the Christian Church believes that to be free from corruption of different foundations within our community is performed through the teachings of the sacred book, the Bible. To act justly and do onto others as you would like done to you are a couple of rules one should follow to be in accordance with the image of God. To believe in the divine one must also carry out his/her faith. As C.S Lewis would suggest, “[God] will not be used as a convenience. Men or nations who think they can revive the Faith in order to make a good society might just as well think they can use the stairs of heaven as a shortcut to the nearest chemist 's…

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  • Saturday Morning Service Analysis

    most popular. I had asked by Jewish friends what the best service to go to was, and they all recommended that the Saturday morning service versus the other two services (which were in the afternoon and the evening). During the morning service (which was referred to as Shakharit), I sat near the back, so I was able to observe the congregation. There appeared to be roughly about 200-300 people there that ranged in ethnicities, genders, and ages. The men wore a small hat on their heads. This week I…

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  • Protestant Reformation Research Paper

    Due to the Holy Roman Empire’s influence, the Roman Catholic Church played a significant role in the lives of western Europeans in the Middle Ages (Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia). People were named, married and buried by the guidance of Roman Christianity (Haberman and Shubert). This changed when Martin Luther asked questions regarding salvation and the relationship between community and God. As a result of these questions, Europe would never be the same as Luther started the Protestant…

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  • Soteriology In Worship

    consideration should be given to how particular doctrines are functioning throughout our worship gatherings and the extents to which these doctrines are theologically consistent throughout the service. To that end the following will examine the Sunday March 13th, 2016 worship service at Woodview Church of the Nazarene specifically looking at the doctrine of soteriology and its function throughout the service. Soteriology literally means the study of salvation. It is the study within theology…

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  • Theodorus Jacobus Frelinghuysen: The Great Awakening Analysis

    I have three times (it is now the fourth time) administered the Lord 's supper and urged this point, that the unconverted may not approach, and that the wicked must, according to our doctrine, be debarred. But what murmuring has this excited? How many tongues, set on fire of hell, have uttered their slanders? I would ask you, who have been, and perhaps still are so greatly displeased on this account? Is not this the doctrine of the Reformed Church? Why, make yourselves guilty of such slanders…

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  • John Wesley's The Almost Christian

    These people may approach the faith and perform the mechanics of it correctly and have good intentions, but their hearts are not really in it. They do not have true faith and love in their hearts, as the real Christians do. The true Christians have first the overwhelming love for God and then for their neighbor. The reason why “altogether” Christians do any good work is because they have true faith in their hearts that in effect influences their actions to do good. Wesley begs his…

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  • How Did The Roman Catholic Church Influence Early America

    The historical period in which the Roman Catholic Church was established in the United States is approximated to be in the 16th Century. The first group to bring Catholicism to the thirteen English colonies were the Spaniards, followed by the French. After the region was colonized by England, the British missionaries brought their influence and affirmed Catholicism in the thirteen British colonies. Roman Catholicism was established during the colonial period and the majority of the members were…

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  • The Importance Of The Bi-Vocational Ministry

    being bi-vocational can give me the ability to stand up to false Christians, who want me to tickle their ears with heresy. No one can force me into compromise; God owns me, not them. Finally, everything I do I must do with excellence, whether in my life or in the congregation. But I do it simply as to be a good and humble stewards of my time and money. Doctrinal beliefs The Bible: The Bible is the Word of God. Jesus Christ the Word focal point of that Word written (John 1:1-14). Whatever…

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  • Pentecostal History: The Assemblies Of God

    Pentecostal history is rich which many occurrences in history. Many are familiar with the revivals that have taken place as well as some of the challenges that have faced the saints of this time. There are even moments that new denominations came forth from the desire to articulate the Gospel and just what was going on during that time in America where it was believed that the Spirit was moving among the people. One such denomination is the Assemblies of God. This denomination will be the focus.…

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  • Martin Luther's Theory Of The Reformation In Zwingli

    moral requirements for human beings. It contained the theological theme of law. Another was the good news that Christ justifies sinners unable to meet those requirements who turn to him in faith. This was on the basis on the gospel. The nature of preaching should hold this type. So that, one who hears the preaching with faith, could get salvation. Every sermon should contain law and gospel. Lutherans have a basic conviction that Christ is truly present in the sermon. Luther considered…

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