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  • Sheng Xuanhuai's Contribution To Modernizing China

    Non-specialist participants were volunteers from enterprises that Sheng Xuanhuai had founded and managed such as Hanyeping 漢冶萍 and China Merchants’ Steam Navigation Company (Zhaoshang ju 招商局), beggars, students, and children from orphanages. It could be very costly to hire an entire band from an orphanage. One memoirist recalled that the fee for one band from an orphanage amounted…

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  • Effects Of The Boxer Rebellion In China

    beginning of the 20th century, China had severe repercussions on its economy and social life, along with many natural disasters. The scatter of foreign and domestic policies across China, along with the defeat in the first Sino-Japanese War, eventually led to an uprising in China. During the rebellion there was an imbalance between social classes and power. Unfortunately, this created instability among the Chinese, leading to the 1911 revolution. Foreign influences in China were seen as…

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  • Similarities Between Ancient China And Confucianism

    In the Han Dynasty in China, Confucian beliefs and ideals dictated large parts of life. Confucius was a philosopher that lived during the Warring States period, in which many non-unified states (hence the title) were at odds with each other, battling frequently and causing general chaos in China. Out of this chaos, Confucius designed his plan for an improved system of government and social structure. As I mentioned…

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  • Nationalization In China Essay

    China has a vast infrastructure plan to compensate for the enormity in actual size of land that makes up the country. China has a telecommunications infrastructure that continues to expand, especially in the last few decades. China’s telecommunications industry is nationalized like many of its other industries. The three major operators are China Telecom, China Mobile, and China Unicom, all providers of mobile and land phone lines. (Central Intelligence Agency). Like previously mentioned, these…

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  • Bike Sharing In China Case Study

    Why the bike-sharing industry is popular in China. Background of bike-sharing industry in China. The bike-sharing industry which is one of the shared economy.The Sharing Economy is a social-economic ecosystem built around the sharing of human, physical and intellectual resources.It includes the shared creation, production, distribution, trade and consumption of goods and services by different people and organizations.(Benita Matofska.2016) For example Airbnb, Uber,Mobike and Ofo. The Mobike…

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  • Barbie In China Essay

    Analysis on Barbie in China As we know, Barbie is a very profitable and well-known product in the United States. Barbie has been a leading competitor of many toys such as Bratz, American Dolls, and many more. When China was introduced Barbie in 2009, it did not meet the expectations as the product did in the United States. It was difficult for the product and brand to win the hearts and wallets of the parents in China. The brand then launched Barbie as a “blonde” violin soloist and then a doll…

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  • Similarities Between Classical China And Confucianism

    While Greece and Rome had centered around politics and government ideas, classical China focuses on family and leadership from the gods. Folk beliefs, Confucianism, and Taoism led to classical Chinese characteristics. In early times, Chinese performed rituals to soothe the nature Gods. Ancestors were worshipped for the communication with the Gods. These beliefs strengthened the family core. Confucianism is a belief that is based on more philosophical than religious ideas. Confucian concerns are…

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  • IKEA Management In China

    IKEA management in China The organization type in IKEA is flat organization which the gap between manager level and employee is little. IKEA facing the problem on management when they came to China because China is strong in hierarchy management. The power distance among the manager or leader with employees is very high. The manager or leader always received extremely huge respect from their workers in China. The workers just…

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  • Similarities And Differences In The Fall Of China And Roman Empires

    China and Rome both structure their societies very similarly through their military, social structure, and religions. And while these civilizations were great, when their empires fell, their falls were from the same source of problems. These civilizations also had differences through how they first started expanding, how the people they conquered assimilated, what their empire were influenced by, and what happened to China and Rome after their falls. A major similarity between China and Rome…

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  • The Structural Section Of The Temple Of Confucianism In China

    4.1 Structure The idea of Confucianism encourages ‘moderation’ (中庸), which emphasizes the importance of harmony, and introduces central-oriented idea. From the case in the Temple of Confucius in Qufu, the main structural sections of the complex are arranged on a central axis, which embody the idea of moderation. The Kuiwen Hall is believed to be a rare architecture in the Chinese history. It is the second largest and tallest architecture in the Temple of Confucius in Qufu, ranks behind the…

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