Infidelity In China

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Marital infidelity has seen a drastic increase in the country of China. Due to vast economic development and a striking correlation to the prices of property the country has seen drastic increases in its divorce and remarriage rates. However, for the nation of China even with these drastic increases in divorce rate their numbers are relatively lower than their Western counterparts. Divorce is a mutually binding agreement acknowledged by law that clarifies the intent to end entirely marital relations. Through this researched analysis I plan to elucidate on the pros divorce has on the Chinese population regardless of the skeptical views we as Americans have on the topic.
It takes a powerful couple to endure the hardships of marriage and prevail.
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As Americans the topic of divorce is of great importance because when looking at that number you have to consider all of the children that are left hurting from these decisions and how it negatively affects our society. Whether you may agree to disagree or not, the materialistic attainment available after a ten-year marriage is far less charitable when the kids are indeed left suffering. Marital infidelity just as divorce pose as a negative image in our society 's eyes and both can be avoided. For a while in China, the idea of getting a divorce was something very shamed upon. The author includes in the article that “Confucian values were historically adhered to in China, and maintained that litigation was a disruption to natural harmony and a “shameless concern for one’s own interest to the detriment of the interests of society” (Chyi 292). This quotation supports the Chinese attempts to maintain social stability by disproving the concept of divorce in the nation’s early years. However, reforms took place loosening the chains on divorce allowing couples who were in agreement to get separated the viable chance to do so. Still the societal view of divorce is one of shame as the country still holds a popular view of divorce being a selfish act causing chaos in the social order. Due to this view of divorce in China it’s divorce rate sits at 0.79 divorces per 1,000 people. On the other …show more content…
Amato. This article conveys whether or not marital happiness directly correlates to divorce risk within China and the United States. Through several key predicators researchers found the vast array of differentials between the Chinese and American. The article states: Marital happiness was negatively and significantly associated with divorce risk in both countries (also shown in Table 2). Not surprisingly, people who were happy with their marriages were less likely than others to think about divorce. Demographic variables were not directly associated with divorce risk in either sample. Marital duration was negatively associated with divorce risk in the U.S. and China, which indicates that spouses in long term marriages were less likely to be thinking about divorce than were spouses in short-term marriages (Xu et al. 292).
This evidence negatively supports the hypothesis of whether or not marital happiness correlated to divorce risks. This article somewhat draws similarities amongst China and the United States by descriptively showing that both countries don’t base divorce on marital happiness or duration, but more on physical altercations and extramarital

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