Why Are People Attracted To Relationships

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Aleksandra Tyzkiewicz
Social Psychology


Many people have been strongly attracted to someone, maybe even in love. The main problem is that these two are separated by a very thin line, as a matter of fact many people confuse attraction with love. These people believe that the feelings they have for the other person are so strong that they passed the attraction phase and walked into what is so called “love”. These feelings usually lead to relationships and this is what psychologists have been trying to explain; they say that a relationship is characterized by “love, care, commitment and intimacy” and only then it can be classified as consummate love, which means that all of these characteristics are present. This paper
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For many people it is difficult to engage in a relationship or even to be attracted to someone because of their self-esteem. Even if they are attracted they will never have the courage to tell the other person that they are, if their self-esteem is low. People with a low self-esteem are usually more inclined to be on the defensive side, for them it is difficult to create a relationship simply because they are afraid of rejection (this is one of the characteristics of the avoidant type). On the contrary people who engage in a relationship should be able to open up, to reveal their past and their history, and for people with low self-esteem this becomes a problem, they have a low opinion of themselves therefore they think that no one will be able to accept their past or their. Another surprising thing which can be confirmed by Dion & Dion study is that people with a high self-esteem are also prone to have less relationship, maybe just because they are so secure about themselves and about who they are that they intimidate other people in the approach to them. They tend to block people out, they do so with no intention however their attitude toward themselves scares people away. The self-esteem factor leads directly to the emotional status of a person, and whether they are perceived as available or …show more content…
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