Argumentative Essay On Henrietta's Life

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At the young age of 17, Henrietta got married to a man named John who was 20 years her senior. This means the wedding took place in the month of November in the year 1952. Even though he was a number of years older, she did not care. They were truly in love because she lit up every time we would talk about him. He was from Indonesia, but was living in the Netherlands (due to the Dutch rule in Indonesia). He was twenty years older than her but that did not seem to bother her discourage her family from approving. They met because they attended the same church, but it started long before that. Since they lived around the corner from each other, he would watch her every time she passed by. Henrietta and her friends noticed this, and she recalls always looking forward to passing by so she could wave. John eventually asked her out and their first date they just walked for around talking for hours, and the rest is history. After dating for about a year, John proposed and they got married shortly after. The most important thing to Henrietta was that her …show more content…
She is retired now but lives by herself in her home. While she is alone, she does have a lot of people in her life that look after her. Thankfully her kids live near by, all within a 30-minute drive and she also has very helpful neighbors who help out when needed. Since breaking her ankle and foot, she has had to rely on her family and neighbors for a lot more things. A few neighbors bring over meals a few times a week and one neighbor even helps with her laundry, driving her to appointments and even helping getting her in and out of the shower. Normally she can do these tasks herself but since the injury, she has had to slow down. It seemed like she has a very good support system. While in her home, Henrietta enjoys listening to music, specifically German music and watching

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