Essay On Nervous System

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(The nervous system Louisa Idzal)
The nervous system is all connected because it’s a web of nerve cells and fibers that all send nerve impulses throughout and between body parts. The nervous system is really important because it’s in charge of sending messages to the spinal cord and brain to and from all parts of the body. Main organs of the nervous system are Nervous Tissue, Brain, Spinal Cord, Nerves, Sense Organs, and the Cerebrospinal Fluid. The nervous tissue is the main tissue of the central and peripheral nervous system. This tissue conducts nerve impulses and is composed of neurons. The brain sends messages to the spinal cord the peripheral nerves all over the body that serve to control organs and muscles. The spinal cord is a long
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The main organ is the lungs which carry gasses as we breathe. These all connect to help us breathe and help us stay alive. The nasal cavity is a large air space which is filled above the nose. Each nasal cavity is a part of one of the two nostrils. The trachea is a tube and air-breathing vertebrates from the larynx to the bronchi, acting as the passage conveying air to the lungs. The Larynx is a hollow muscular organ making an air passage to the lungs holding the vocal cords in humans. The bronchi is a large air passage, they get smaller the closer they are or get to the lung tissue. These passageways then turn into very small air sacs called alveoli, which are consisted of oxygen and carbon dioxide and exchange into the respiratory system. The right primary bronchus separates the left and right main bronchus. The left lung is how we breathe and hold oxygen to stay alive, it also has fewer lobes and segments than the right lung. It is also smaller than the right because it shares the side of the chest with the heart, and because it has fewer lobes. If we didn’t have the respiratory system then we wouldn’t be able to breathe and we wouldn’t be

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