Theories Of Emotions

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Emotion is a complex, subjective experience accompanied by biological and behavioral changes. Emotion involves feeling, thinking and activation of the nervous system, physiological change and behavioral changes such as facial expressions.
It will have a direct effect on personality and attitude.
As a part of my job I had an opportunity to travel and meet different kinds of people of all ages. I had to go to the interior villages of Andhra Pradesh when I was working for Mobile Dental Hospital. This incident happened not very long ago, on one of my trips to villages of Ananthapur, where there is severe scarcity of water and no proper road transport. The farmers hardly get any money as the dry lands are suitable only for few crops. One day, me and my colleagues met this 67 year old Swedish lady named Addie Collin who dedicated her life to the children of these interior villages from 5 years, she is
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Emotions result even in the absence of physiological arousal by individual’s interpretations and explanations of their circumstances.
The reason for relating this theory to my experience is, I interpreted that Miss.Collin is doing a wonderful job and could change the life of so many young children who have the passion for education. Whereas my colleagues interpreted in a different way. As Demi Lovato rightly said “you have the right to feel any emotion that you want, and to do what makes you happy.” I respect their emotions which are different from mine.
The inspiration that I got through this experience made me what I am today. I have learned how to be disciplined, how to work hard and what level of dedication one should have towards their work. This inspiration (emotion) has definitely influenced me in every which way possible and was a constant motivational factor. This experience lead to experience other positive emotions like Happiness and

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