Three-phase electric power

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  • Single Phase Single Stage Boost Inverter Study

     Novel 3-Phase Single stage boost inverter: Analysis, Design and Experimentation M K Pathak, Member, Dogga Raveendhra and Aravind Panda Abstract— this paper introduces a novel type of 3-phase single stage dc-ac converter, which is controlled by sliding mode control, offers intrinsic step up abilities. Proposed inverter is designed with lesser number of solid state semiconductor switches and small passive elements. Sliding mode controller (robust controller) is designed to control this power converter in order to achieve high robustness, sustain any kind of line or load variations and achieve good dynamic response. In addition to this the voltage across the each capacitor is less when compared with existed traditional boost inverter topologies,…

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  • Wind Distortions Essay

    the consumer end, harmonics are caused by nonlinear loads such as PCs, CFLs, electronic devices, etc. The harmonics distortion caused by non-linear load such as electric arc furnaces, large concentrations of arc discharge lamps, variable speed motors, saturation of magnetization of transformer and a distorted line current. The current generated by such loads will interact with power system impedance and increases harmonics. Harmonics can lead to degradation of power quality at the consumer’s…

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  • Power Factor Analysis

    Aim The aim of this assignment is to investigate the method to correct the power factor within an AC power generation system. Once the power factor is found we shall improve the power factor in said theoretical circuit by modifying the existing one and calculating the differences this makes to the output across the circuit as a whole. Then we shall use a circuit design software package to confirm our theoretical results and identify whether our improved mathematical skills have solved the task…

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  • Project Of Krughutte Solar Park

    Not mentioning Alta Wind Energy Center, Full faith has been created in the depths of my heart that this is definitely going to be the most important technological revolution in the twenty-first century. The clean free renewable energy sources and their applications are increasingly embraced all over the world. It is just a matter of time when the world will wake up to news about great achievements enabling using alternative sources without any main restrictions. This moment will be very soon,…

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  • Wind Turbines Essay

    With so much emphasis on investing into alternative energies, it’s worth taking a look at the financial feasibility of them. Can wind energy compete with oil in terms of profit? How much electricity do wind turbines produce and how much do they cost to produce it? How do wind turbines work? Electricity from wind turbines is produced when wind turbine blades are pushed by the wind. The moving blades are connected to a generator and when moved, the generator creates electricity. The electricity is…

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  • Full-Bridge Hybrid Switched Capacitor Case Study

    from a bidirectional dc-dc buck converter. III. THEORETICAL ANALYSIS OF THE PROPOSED CONVERTER In order to clarify the theoretical analysis, it is necessary to define the proposed topology nomenclature. Capacitors with even index will be called floating capacitors, which are unique to each converter’s leg. The link capacitors have odd index and they are common for all inverter legs. The link capacitor C3 on Fig. 1 is ‘implicit’ because this capacitor is redundant to the theoretical analysis…

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  • Micro Grids Case Study

    Demand Side Management in Microgrids For some time now, there has been growing concern about the continuous consumption of fossil fuels, coupled with issues of environmental depletion and low energy efficiency for electricity power generation and use. This has increased the use of alternative energy resources (wind, biomass, solar and hydro systems) in forms of distributed energy resources (DERs) or distributed generators (DGs) [1]. However, these distributed generators come with safe and…

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  • Ocean Wave Energy Conversion Case Study

    issues that may be associated with permitting an ocean wave energy conversion facility include: • A significant challenge is the conversion of the slow (∼0.1 Hz), random, and high-force oscillatory motion into adequate motion to drive the generator with output quality as in demand. As waves vary in height and period, their respective power levels vary accordingly. • The challenge of efficiently capturing this irregular motion also has an impact on the design of the device. To operate…

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  • New Mexico Case

    What is Public Service Company of New Mexico (PNM) requesting in this application? A. PNM is proposing Rider 46 under First Revised Rate 22 to recover excess costs associated with the underground installation of a new distribution project within the City of Rio Rancho (“CRR”), NM, an approximately 6,580 ft. three-phase distribution line (“Project”) that will interconnect the existing Veranda Unit II transformer (“VII”) and the existing Black Ranch Feeder 14 (“BR14”). PNM Exhibit VHC-2 shows the…

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  • North Perimeter Road Recommendation Report

    The following information contains my proposal for my Recommendation Report topic. Proposal to Investigate the Flow of Traffic for the Intersection of North Perimeter Road and University Drive. Introduction: More and more students are being accepted into Cal Poly every year and the campus is building more on-campus housing to accommodate for this new population of students and to encourage students to be on-campus. This increase of students causes many problems because already the classes are…

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