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  • Jonathan Edwards God Holds You Over The Pit Of Hell Analysis

    where it is stated, “God that holds you over the pit of hell, much as one holds a spider or some loathsome insect over a fire.” (paragraph 1) In this analogy Edwards is bringing back the idea of predestination --which was abandoned during the enlightenment-- in effort to demonstrate that God can easily determine whether the audience is going to heaven or hell. “God holds you over the pit of hell…” evokes a sense of urgency to the audience by implying they need to revert back to traditional ways of religion now, in order to avoid the near coming condemnation from an angry God. In addition to the first, Edwards uses another analogy when he says, “your destruction would come like a whirlwind, and you would be like the chaff on the summer threshing floor.” (paragraph 4) This analogy effectively shows the power of the self-inflicted destruction and the vulnerability of the audience; however, the sermon also emphasizes that their destruction and vulnerability is avoidable through repentance. The purpose of his use of analogies throughout the excerpt is to evoke fear and declare the strength of God to persuade the audience to repent. To continue, Edwards also uses imagery to persuade his congregation to repent. Edwards says, “if God should withdraw his hand they would avail no more to keep [them] from falling, than the thin air to hold up a person suspended in it.”(paragraph 2) His replacement of thin air instead of air, exaggerates the inability of air to keep you from falling.…

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  • Swing Riots Research Paper

    Historians have established that the ‘Swing Riots’ comprised 1500 disturbances between 1 June 1830 and 3 September 1831, and were characterised by incendiarism and the smashing of threshing machines by agricultural labourers. Macdonald asserted that the threshing machine was a scapegoat for rural resentment of their economic position. The potential threat to their livelihoods was characterised by the threshing machine, a semiotic representation of the declining fortunes of the labour force.…

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  • Book Analysis: Old Testament Exegetical Commentary Of Ruth

    Old Testament Exegetical Commentary of Ruth Submitted to Dr. Gary Schnittjer in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the completion of OBST 515-B08 LUO Old Testament Orientation by Dianna L. Domek September 26, 2017 Introduction Historical Background Prevailing Conditions Main Characters Major Argument Major Themes Exegetical Outline 1. Moab, and the Journey to Bethlehem: 1:1-18 1. Naomi Widowed: 1:1-5 2. Return to Bethlehem: 1:6-14 3. Ruth’s loyalty to Naomi: 1:15-18 1. Arrived…

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  • Who Was Paul Contradicting Himself?

    Paul refused to bend basic Christian principles simply to accommodate an ancient cultural mooring of the early Jerusalem Church. To Paul, reaching out to the mission field meant embracing local cultural norms. In contrast, reaching inward to the established church meant abandoning long-standing practices that no longer served Christ 's purpose. In the mission field, Paul applied the gospel without compromise, but with love and sensitivity. Similar to Jesus, Paul saved his boldest assertions and…

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  • Go Tell It On The Mountain Summary

    One of the things that I found in the book was that it was a loosely based autobiography on James Baldwin’s life. Like Baldwin, I myself grew up attending a Pentecostal church, so while I was reading the story there were things that Baldwin talks about when he mentions the church that I understood. The perfect example was when Baldwin talks about storefront churches; even though I didn’t attend one, I have been to multiple, so I found it very interesting that there are things that were in my…

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  • Baking Technology In Ancient Egypt

    5.0 Baking Technology throughout the History of Ancient Egypt Penetration in the field of biotech are directly returned to bread manufacturing, harvest, threshing, crushing the grain in order to achieve flour and sieving were completely illustrated on the ancient egyptian monuments (see Fig. 1). A hand grindery Known as a saddle quern was used for grinding grain (see Fig. 1F) by the housewife. Eventually, crushing was carried out on a large scale by grinders. Fermentation by the use of leaven,…

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  • In Praise Of Fast Food Summary

    Natural grains are indigestible she explained, they must be “threshed, ground, and cooked to make them edible” (quoted in Faigley 271). The threshing, grinding, and cooking are all processes that consumers today do not have to worry about. Grains in bread, pastas, and even oatmeal are processed and made safe before they hit supermarket shelves. The development of refining and genetically altering these items made them “safe, tasty, digestible, and healthy” (quoted in Faigley 272). It also made…

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  • Is George Orwell's Animal Farm An Allegory?

    a. How is Orwell’s Animal Farm an allegory? Be specific and provide examples from the text to support your statements. The farm is an allegory to the soviet union. The first example is in the first paragraph of the story and is talking about animals in the farms lives not remembering the times before "the rebellion" started but meant the people in the soviet union don't remember what it was like. The farm being enlargened refers to the oppressed russian people having to work for stalin. b.…

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  • Barley Case Study

    would absorb any moisture from the barley. We were advised to use a petrol hedger to cut the barley. One person held on to the barley when was was being cut and another held the labelled bag open for third person to put the barley into it. It took approx. 4/5 hours to harvest the barley. When the barley was bagged it was put it into a dry shed. Take. It was necessary to take the barley out of the trailer when it was in the shed as it would have still heated when it was in the trailer. • After…

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  • Analytical Essay: The Book Of Ruth

    Canaan because Hebrew sons are forbidden by law to marry aliens. Also, there is no guarantee of their safety. If they stay in Moab, there is a good prospect of finding a husband’s shelter. Ruth knows fully well the cost and gladly give up and suffer all due to her glorious love for Naomi. Upon Naomi’s return, Ruth (comeliness) takes a prominent place. Ruth is a type of the church that made up of three scenes: (1) Ruth in the harvest field. (2) Ruth in the threshing floor. (3) Ruth in the home…

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