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  • Heat And Calorimetry Lab Report

    reverse reaction. The calorimeter used in lab was not a completely closed system because the lid had two holes in which the stirrer and thermometer were to be placed. The holes were slightly larger than the circumference of the two, leaving an opening in which heat from the calorimeter could escape. Also when putting the reactants into the calorimeter there is a delay in closing the calorimeter, during this time some of the reactants could have gone through the reaction and a transfer of heat between the solution and the environment could have taken place. This would cause discrepancies in the final recorded temperatures. A joule is defined as the SI unit of energy and or work done by a force of one newton (N) when the force applied moves a point of interest one meter in the direction of the force applied. The units of a joule are or , where J represents joules, N symbolizes newton, and m stands for metres. A weak acid/strong base neutralization would not have the same molar heat of neutralization as the strong acid/strong base neutralization. This is because in a strong acid/ strong base neutralization, the strong acid and strong base dissociate completely into ions. Therefore, all mole added to the solution would essential react and produce heat. Where as a weak acid would only partially dissociate into ions while the strong base would dissociate into complete ions. Since the weak acid produces less ions to participate in the neutralization, less heat would be…

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  • Intervention Project: Healthy Eating And Exercising

    Intervention Project: Healthy Eating and Exercising The behavior that I would like to change is eating healthier and exercising. For the past two years I have lived a sedentary life. I used to exercise four times a week for at least an hour. I have gained over 30 pounds in the past 2 ½ years. Right before I gained this weight, I was informed by my primary care physician that I was 20 pounds overweight for my height. It was not as if I wanted to gain weight, but my morale to exercise was…

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  • Wind Turbines Essay

    With so much emphasis on investing into alternative energies, it’s worth taking a look at the financial feasibility of them. Can wind energy compete with oil in terms of profit? How much electricity do wind turbines produce and how much do they cost to produce it? How do wind turbines work? Electricity from wind turbines is produced when wind turbine blades are pushed by the wind. The moving blades are connected to a generator and when moved, the generator creates electricity. The electricity is…

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  • Faith In Action Papers

    Faith in Action Paper I spent my 15 faith service hours volunteering for Feed My Starving Children and I helped the maintenance crew around the school. While I did this I made new friends and grew as a person as well as in my faith. I probably spent about 8 or more of my service hours volunteering for Feed My Starving Children. Before when I was younger, I would go in because my older sister needed service hours and scoop some veggies and powder into a funnel for an hour and a half. Then…

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  • Pros And Cons Of The Ed-You-Swivel Chair

    Is the Ed swivel chair an insane scientific achievement or an advertising scam…? Let's find out! The company claims that the chair produces energy when the students are twisting around in their chairs. Inside the Ed - swivel chair there is generator that turns and creates kinetic energy which is then converted into potential energy to be stored in the battery. Then, when a device is plugged in, the potential energy transfers to electrical energy to power the device. In my opinion, the chair will…

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  • Kingda Ka Research Paper

    Certain roller coasters hold records for being the tallest or for being the fastest. One of those record-breaking roller coasters is the Kingda Ka. The Kingda Ka is the tallest steel roller coaster and the second fastest steel roller coaster in the United States available for the public. “This upside down U-shaped track bolts up 45 stories in the sky—that’s 456 feet high!” (Six Flags). At the pinnacle of the roller coaster the cart possesses a lot of potential energy which converts into kinetic…

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  • Kilojoules Research Paper

    Energy is measured in four different categories; calories, joules, kilocalories and kilojoules. Calories are the energy required to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water by one degree. A joule of energy is what it takes to move a mass of 1 gram at a velocity of one meter per second. For every one calorie there are 4.2 joules. A kilocalorie is the amount of energy to raise 1 kilogram of water by 1 degree. Kilojoules is the same a joules but it needs to be times by one thousand. The body needs…

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  • Impacts Of Hydropower

    satisfy our electrical energy demands and is environmental friendly would decrease these negative consequences on the environment. According to the U.S. Department of Energy’s website (, the total electricity net consumption in the United States is 3868 billion kilowatt-hours while China’s is 4882 billion kilowatt-hours in the year 2013; this is equal to 1.39248*10^19 joules and 1.75752*10^19 joules respectively. Lake Michigan has an elevation of 176 meters and a volume of 4920…

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  • Benefits Of Kinetic Energy

    According to the Law of Conservation of Energy, energy can 't be created or destroyed. All energy types can only be transformed or transferred. There are serval forms of energy that exist which benefit us in everyday life. Some energy’s however are more efficient than others in the way they use their energy to either transfer it or transform it into another useful energy. An object can possess more than one type of energy, some energy’s cause and affect others. For example, if someone what’s…

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  • Cardiac Defibrillation

    starts Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation to keep blood flowing and delivering oxygen to the vital organs. CPR is when a bystander pumps the patient’s heart for them. The surgeon operating on the fourteen year old boy was known as Claude Beck. He was an American Heart Surgeon and is known for his techniques in operating. Beck preformed the first successful Cardiac Defibrillation. Cardiac Defibrillation is when a person shocks the heart. In this particular case, Beck had to shock the boy’s heart and…

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