Three-point field goal

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  • Narrative Essay On Basketball

    “Shooter, shooter, she’s a shooter!!” vigorously shouted the opposing coach who wore an orange hat that clashed with his increasingly reddening face. I grinned and caught the rotating, leathery ball my teammate passed to me. Once it reached my fingers, everything became automatic. Not a single thought crossed my mind after my eyes focused on the red hook at the back of the rim. My right arm launched the ball upward, arching towards the basket. It was a movement I had practiced thousands of times. Over and over, I learned to recognize a perfect release from one that was not. They call it a “shooter’s touch”, and this shot from behind the three point line felt pure. A feeling like that doesn’t come easy and for me, developing that feeling took…

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  • Personal Narrative: Championship Team

    Championship Team In fall 2011 I played basketball for my father’s friend team. Our team name was the wizards. We played all over the city, sometimes we would play out of town but mostly in St. Louis. Our season was coming to an end, but not before playoffs. Like college basketball in march madness if you lose a game, you are eliminated. We were a great team so we advanced through the first few rounds pretty easily. But our last three games were all difficult. Our first difficult game was…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Love In A Football Team

    moment. As the clock began to wind down Jake brought up another question, and with this one I completely froze. He looked at me and said “when am I gonna go in?” At that point I knew I needed to do something, So I walked over to coach and asked if we could put Jake in for the last 90 seconds. He paused for a second grinned and said “Why not” so Coach called a time out, walked over to the other team and let them know that we were about to put Jake in. While coach was doing that I let Jake know…

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  • Personal Narrative: Excitement Gone Downhill

    walk out of the office. It seemed odd that my supervisor didn 't even ask for my name or how I was doing, but it was just a miniscule detail that I overlooked. As we walked down the road to the games, you could hear and see everyone going on the rides, walking around and just enjoying themselves. You could even see people going down the drop tower. After a few minutes, we entered the park and went straight towards the basketball games next to the drop tower. “Ok, so this is the…

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  • The Sport Of Speedball Is A Sport

    Speedball is a game we played by combining, three sports soccer, football, and basketball. The game starts by putting the ball on the middle of the football field. Both teams have to be in position on their own side of the football field or with the position of soccer ball The ball has to be kicked forward to start the game. Speedball is played by the position of the ball whether the ball is on the ground or a ball is in the air. When the ball is on the ground, it can only be played like a…

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  • Similarities And Similarities Between Football And Basketball

    Those who do not play nor watch sports have very little knowledge on the subject. The one thing everyone knows and that all sports have in common is, the main point, to score against the opponent. Professional football and basketball are two of the most popular sports in America. With millions of fans watching live televised games across the nation these two sports each generate billions of dollars every year. The players make millions based on their salary, bonuses, and endorsements. Although,…

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  • Compare And Contrast World Football Vs American Football

    Soccer “world football” or American football which is correct? There are a lot of debates out there about which is right and they're both right in their own way. American football is a full contact sport where you try to get the ball across the other team’s touchdown line. In American football there are four downs for you to try and get the ball to the end zone. If you are tackled more than three times without gaining ten yards you can either kick it or go for it and risk the other team…

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  • Gridiroon Influence On American Football

    American college campuses in the late 1800s.American football (referred to as football in the United States and also known as gridiron) is a sport played by two teams of eleven players on a rectangular field with goalposts at each end. See the fact file below for information on the rules and history of football. •Derived from the English game of rugby and soccer, American football was started with rules instituted by Walter Camp, player and coach…

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  • Field Observation: Improving Team Performance

    Results: From observing all three participants towards the end of this study. All three participants shown to show reliable and favorable results. Interventions (verbal and oral feedback showed to quite effective) as the percentage of field goals to more likely to be made when comparing to baseline. Both Joshua and Sam showed to do very well in the beginning of the baseline phase. They were hitting the ball very well, until both coincidently did a wrong step (Joshua) or pulled it right (Sam)…

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  • Persuasive Speech About Nfl Salary

    paid, and what the goal of football. First are you wondering how many players is involved to play the game? Well to start off on one team, the coaches are allowed to only have fifty three men on a roster. When it's game time, the coach has to pick out eleven people for offense, and eleven people for defense. There are five offensive linemen, maybe a tight end, one quarterback, one running back, and three wide receivers. The quarterback will be behind the middle person on the offensive line to…

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