Personal Narrative: Excitement Gone Downhill

Excitement Gone Downhill March 25th, 2016, that day was the day I started working at my first job at Great America. It was also the first day of the season, which was exciting to think about since most people will be newcomers to the park. I was scheduled to come to work at 10 A.M, as I was about to go through the Employee entrance, where I would be told where go. Once reached the entrance the security guard at the front told me to walk straight ahead into the Human Resources and wait in line to take my picture. I proceeded into HR and wait in a line for an ID Card. Once I was first in line. I leaned against the wall and was eager to have my picture taken. For the first time, I admitted a responsibility that I had never had before. …show more content…
Inside, was a man in a white shirt with black pants with “Supervisor” on the back of his shirt. “Hi, welcome to Great America!” he stated “My name is Wilbur, and I 'll be your new supervisor, lets take you to your game where you will be working at.” We then left HR and started to walk out of the office. It seemed odd that my supervisor didn 't even ask for my name or how I was doing, but it was just a miniscule detail that I overlooked. As we walked down the road to the games, you could hear and see everyone going on the rides, walking around and just enjoying themselves. You could even see people going down the drop tower. After a few minutes, we entered the park and went straight towards the basketball games next to the drop tower. “Ok, so this is the area where you will be working at for most of the time, which includes the four games that stretch from the drop tower to the food court.” I look around real quick to see what games I would be at. Two basketball games, one free throw shot and one Three point shot. A bowling game, and a hammer game, one that you would see at a

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