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  • Clipping Research Papers

    tracks.” If Clipping’s music comes off as abrasive, their videos are no different. Their latest music video for “Work, Work,” directed by Carlos Lopez Estrada, was published a few months ago, and has some pretty “f**ked up” scenes of Daveed getting curb-stomped. “We were actually afraid it wasn’t tough enough. It has those cute little rats at the end” says William. “That’s actually how Carlos got us to do the video in the first place. He’s a pretty scary guy, and it took quite a bit of violent intimidation on his part to get us to agree to work with him. Once we got out of that situation, we realized it was a pretty good idea for a video.” The music and music video don’t necessarily reflect on the men within. Jonathon explains that the three are “fairly balanced, but that’s possibly part of the reason we’re all so interested in extreme music. I’m never interested in art that I feel like relates directly to my actual life. I love work feels fantastical, unrealistic, explores emotions and states that aren’t necessarily present in my day-to-day. Maybe if I was a violent or extreme person in my own life, I’d be interested in making pleasant and soothing music.” It could also hint at why the group has a steadfast rule that all rap narrates in second and third-person. Daveed, the group’s MC, says “it seems like such a harsh constraint but it actually has broadened the storytelling possibilities for us without forcing us to sound inauthentic. We don’t have to be limited to…

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  • CBM Observation Report

    Concepts: Hiding Assessment. Didax Publishing, page 26. The probe will first be probing for the student’s ability to see part-whole number relationships. For each of the students I started off with the number 6 because it was a number in the middle. If a student is not able to master the number 5 the assessment will move backward to assess the number 4, if the student is able to show master of the number 6 then they will move up to the assessment of the number 7. Assessment: With Counters 1.…

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  • 7 Relationship Deadly Sins Analysis

    their spirit. Early sign number 5: Intense arguments 5) Arguments get out of control easily is a sign of intolerance. I have seen this happening with close relatives, but it can also occur with couples. Having different discussions escalating to intense arguments on the regular basis must be drawing from frustrations that probably do not have anything to do with the subject. It is important to get to the root of this negative posture towards having a conversation. Another suggestion is to…

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  • Analysis Of Placement Within Carpenter's Framework: Student A

    to count to 2. While counting on from 9, he added 2 more to get to the answer of 11. Student C was double counting as he solved this problem. Placement within Carpenter’s framework: Student C falls within the ‘counting’ framework. Student C was able to mentally hold the number 9, which shows that he has quotity. He then counted up from there while simultaneously counting on his fingers the number 2. Student C also ignored the time sequence of the problem by starting with the larger number and…

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  • Negative Effects Of Organized Crime

    crime. When you owe money to a legitimate company and you don’t pay, they send you notices and reminders with due dates and eventually it could go to collections. Organized crime sees violence as a way to avoid all of this. If you owe them money and you don’t pay, when they catch you they will beat you up or worse, make an example out of you and kill you. Basically violence is used as a means to an end for these people. The main problem of this is collateral damage, or the innocent bystanders…

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  • Organized Crime: Criminal Activity And Criminal Structures

    Organized crime is criminal structures created by individuals to support the collaborative pursuit of specific goals. This research paper discusses the criminal structure, answering issues on how organized crime are structured, and how these structures lead to criminal activity and financial gains. The structure itself is divided into entrepreneurial, associational, and quasi-governmental. These three structures address the needs of access to resources, criminal behaviour ideology, social status…

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  • The Lottery Symbolism Essay

    One example of symbolism in “The Lottery” is the stones. There is a reason that Shirley Jackson put on a crowd-generated death by stoning. In other words, stones allow everyone in the village to freely take part in the ritual, from the young children to Old Man Warner. The terror of "The Lottery" isn't just that someone is killed, it's that everyone participates in the murder. As the author of “The Lottery” observes, “Although the villagers had forgotten the ritual and lost the original black…

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  • Book Review Of Just Mercy

    injustice that occurs. Through reading his book, Just Mercy, the reader will see the truth about what it is like to be in the justice system and will not only be shocked by the information that Stevenson has witnessed and experienced firsthand, but will also be appalled with how cases and people were dealt with depending on their financial level, sex and the color of their skin. Stevenson talked in depth throughout the span of the novel about his case where he represented Walter McMillian, a…

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  • Maria Licciardi And Griselda's Empowerment

    Licciardi and Griselda Blanco aren’t just your average house wives. When these two weren’t busy cooking it up in the kitchen, they were out stirring up trouble in the streets. In pop culture and as depicted everywhere, men have always been the face of organized crime. However, in time of need these women were called to step up to the plate. These godmothers were no sweet, innocent, cookie baking old ladies, they were nefarious crime lords driven by the will to survive. Although Maria and…

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  • Hot Tin Roof

    However, just like in Cat On a Hot Tin Roof, once the “Godfather” figure of a Mafia dies, one of his sons succeeds him as the head of the family. This correlates to how once Big Daddy is dead, his plantation will be handed down to one of his kids. In the mafia, because of the honor of handing down and inheriting the family, the patriarchal family structure forcibly imposes a tremendous expectation of men to step up and be the providers, the hard workers, and the empire builders. Gooper exhibits…

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