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  • The Pros And Cons Of Animal Trade

    All species of animals have their own unique feature that helps them live in their own environment. These features can often become a danger to these animals when the thing that makes them unique catches the attention of human beings. This then prompts people to capture, hunt, kill, eat, torture, sell and buy these creatures. The need for humans to exploit every creature they can get their hands on, is an unfortunate habit that the world will not see stopping anytime soon. The results of this is animals start becoming endangered or even worse if left unchecked extinct. There are of course people who try to protect these animals and setup organizations to help keep them from being hunted or forced from their homes. Also corporations destroy animal’s habitats for their personal gain and the expansion of industry and business. Of all the different kinds of animals…

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  • Importance Of Diversity In The Philippines

    biodiversity by species but biodiversity is more than just species. A species is a group of living organism that can interbreed for example white-tailed deer, blue whales, and bacteria that you cannot even see with your eyes. Species is only one part of biodiversity. Biodiversity can be studied on many levels and at the highest level you can look at all the different species in earth. Biodiversity occurs at multiple scales of ecological organization, from genes all the way up to the entire…

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  • Biodiversity-The IUCN Red List Categories And Criteria

    includes diversity within species, between species and of ecosystems themselves. Floristic diversity refers to the variety and variability of plants in a region. Floristic structure is considered as one of the major exceptional characters of the community (Dansereau, 1960) and therefore any disturbances in phytodiversity is projected to change the community organization. It is considered to be the vital component of ecosystem (Hutchinson,…

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  • Cyclemys: Stripe-Necked Leaf Turtle, Aka Vietnamese Wood Turtle

    ollectively known as “leaf turtles,” the species names in the following list demonstrate one of the weaknesses of common names. In both appearance and range, these species are diverse even as they are all native to Asia: 1. Cyclemys dentata (Asian leaf turtle, aka Brown stream terrapin); 2. Cyclemys tcheponensis (Stripe-necked leaf turtle); 3. Geoemyda spengleri (Black-breasted leaf turtle or Chinese leaf turtle, aka Vietnamese Wood Turtle); 4. Mauremys (Annamemys) annamensis (Vietnamese or…

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  • Conservation Biology: The Story Of Genetic Diversity

    to another, carefully measuring the diversity of information and making important estimates that will potentially prevent a population from becoming extinct in the future. Without a doubt, the life of all the species on Earth depends on the peculiar sequence written in their DNA, which may me beneficial or detrimental, ultimately writing the story of a population. Genetic Diversity…

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  • Importance Of Biodiversity Essay

    In many regions of the world, the loss of biodiversity is at its peak. Biodiversity, or biological diversity, is the whole range of different varieties of living things and systems on this earth. It includes animal species, plant species, ecosystems and landscapes. We need biodiversity for its immense capabilities. Conservation is an important piece in biodiversity, with species and populations decreasing, conservation is a necessity. Conservation is planned management of a natural resource to…

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  • Biodiversity Lab Report

    organisms in an ecosystem. This variety can be between species, within species, and between ecosystems, but in this lab, only the variety between species will be discussed to quantify the biodiversity of the target ecosystem. Biodiversity can be quantified by two main aspects which are species richness, and species eveness. Species richness is the number of species observed per sample of an ecosystem, and if there are a higher amount of different species within one sample of an ecosystem, then…

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  • The Detrimental Effects Of Deforestation And Pollution

    endangerment and extinction of hundreds of species. Sample and Cheng, authors of Forest Conservation Policy: A Reference Handbook, emphasize that, “Plant and animal species, many of them dependent on forest ecosystems, are quietly going extinct—at a rate faster than at any time since a comet smashed into Earth 60 million years ago and wiped out the dinosaurs” (1). Deforestation is eliminating shelters, destroying hunting grounds for carnivores, taking away food sources of herbivores, and,…

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  • Essay On Crescens Ignis

    PBL #1: Evolve a Primate! Species Name: Crescens ignis Common Name: Fire Crescent Monkey Geographic Distribution: Crescens ignis are native to regions in the heart of the Amazon’s tropical rainforests. They live in highly arboreal where there are seasonal changes in rainfall and temperatures. According to Fragaszy (1950), with such a highly arboreal area these monkeys are able to “use all levels from the canopy to the understory, going to the ground to drink, forage or travel” (p. 1). These…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Maui's Dolphins

    They are round black dolphins that are so small that they can fit into a bathtub. Maui’s dolphin, a subspecies of Hector’s dolphin, also known as Popoto, is the rarest marine species known in existence and one of the smallest known dolphins. There are less than 50 Maui’s dolphins in the world today, and this number is still dropping, they are almost extinct. Humans are the biotic factor of the decrease in their population. Maui’s dolphins are carnivores, their preys are small fish and squids.…

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