Essay On Abusive Family

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There are some people in this world who have gone through a little more than everyone else to get where they are now. Some people have to suffer through abusive parents or drug addict family members, maybe deaths of people they love when they’re young or maybe they’re dirt poor. No matter the circumstance they’re people that have to deal with this, and then there’s those of us that get a “get out of jail free card” in life. My dad was not one of those people, he went through a lot to get to where he is now. My dad learned how to be a man through fighting for his family, being taught to be kind and loving, and learning that family is irreplaceable. From a young age my dad taught me how to fight, and I always wondered why. I would have understood more if we were living in the same area we were when I had been born, because that was a more violent area. However, when I got into second grade, my dad …show more content…
When he got into eighth grade he moved out of my grandma’s house, his mom, and began living with his dad and his grandparents. During the week he would live with my grandpa, his dad, who is so kind that we call him Grandpa Honey because he’s so sweet. Grandpa Honey didn’t want my dad to grow up and be a violent man, so he had my dad live with his parents over the weekend. My dad’s grandma was a very strict scary lady, but she was also very loving and made sure to know all the kids knew how much she loved them. She was also a very strong christian, and used her strict and scariness to drag my dad to church every Sunday. Eventually he started going on Wednesdays without being dragged in by his ankles by that terrifying women. With the persistence of grandpa Honey, and great grandma Reavis my dad learned to love church. Church then taught him how important love and kindness really is, and that if he is going to fight, it’s only to protect the one’s that he

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