My Father: The Father Of A Father In Life

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I met my father in law Marty fourteen years ago, and upon meeting this man I knew instantly we would get along. We both enjoyed sports and joking around, matter of fact the first thing he said to me when I met him is “wow she started dating white guys again.” I being a jokester myself just chuckled shook his hand and thought I am going to like this guy. I dated my wife for around six months before we got married; on our wedding day my soon to be father in law asked us if we were sure about getting married. We both said yes and the only thing he said about it was as long as you are happy so am I, he also reminded us that as the father of the bride he was to pay for the wedding so he whipped out a ten dollar bill for us to pay the justice …show more content…
It is due to him that I am half the man I am today. Being the man he is, makes me want to hold myself to a higher standard he has truly been my model for what a man should be. He is my father my mentor and my role model, he is what men are no longer today. Having had my own father die at the age of seventeen and never really knowing him, I had a few uncles to base what a man should be and I tried my best to just be a good person. When I married my wife I was thrust into family life suddenly and one day I said to her after an argument “what do you want me to do be like your dad.” To that I got a simple reply “yes he is a good man you could learn a lot from him” after that I sat and thought and realized she was right and from that day he has always given me great advice, never led me astray and has been a role model in my life whom I love and trust with all of my …show more content…
The man I am writing about is just that, he is loved and loves back he is moral and ethical, and is a true role model to men everywhere. My father is always there for people and supports his family without hesitation or reserve I am truly lucky to have found this man and his family. My father gave to me my beautiful wife and entrusted me with her and my sons care and has allowed me to be part of his family with a father and mother that are caring and loving like no other. The only shame I have about this paper is that it is only about one person, my mother Joyce Marty’s wife is just as loving and caring, and as united in love as they are, they are one, so everything I have written here applies to her also. I rarely here people talk about their in-laws, the same way I feel about mine, but I feel as if I hit the lottery when I married in to their

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