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  • Julius Caesar Funeral Speech Analysis

    century and was a about the death a man called Julius Caesar. Both Mark Antony and Marcus Brutus are at the “funeral” of Caesar moments after he was assassinated by a group of conspirators along with Brutus. During this Brutus attempts to make the crowd believe that murdering his friend Caesar was justified. After the people calmed down when Brutus spoke Mark Antony was seething about Brutus murdering his best friend, so Mark Antony started plotting his revenge and in his “funeral speech” he…

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  • Rhetorical Actions Of Julius Caesar

    Julius Caesar, Mark Antony has to fill these dreadful shoes after witnessing the murder of his closest friend, Julius Caesar. In Act III, Antony stands in front of the group of Plebeians after they have just listened to Brutus, the conspirator’s, reasonings as to why Caesar deserved his death. Mark Antony uses compelling rhetoric, to switch their mindsets, so the commoners pledge to his words instead of Brutus’s. Some may believe Brutus’s leadership skills make him a great speaker, but Mark…

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  • Cassius And Brutus In William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

    Flavious and Marullus allow the reader to get an idea of Julius Caesar. Act I, scene II shows both Cassius and Brutus are not at peace with the idea of Julius Caesar as king, and Julius Caesar tells Marcus Antonius, Mark Antony, “He loves no plays, / As thou dost, Antony; he hears no music. / Seldom he smiles, and smiles in such a sort / As if he mocked himself, and scorned his spirit / That could be moved to smile at anything,” (I.ii.204–208). Julius Caesar could have been suspicious…

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  • The Power Of Manipulation In Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

    satisfied. That is until Mark Antony accuses them of being traitors and turns the people against them. The group flees and rallies their armies to standoff against Antony while Octavius, Caesar’s son, arrives to support Antony in this struggle. Fighting ensues and a series of miscommunications leads to the honorable suicides of Cassius and Titinus. Brutus arrives to see his friend’s dead and knows his doom is imminent and decides to take his life as well. Octavius and Antony appear and mention…

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  • Mark Antony's Speech In The Tragedy Of Julius Caesar

    In the play The Tragedy of Julius Caesar he was betrayed by those he thought he could of trusted. Caesar died when he was stabbed to death by the conspirators one of who was named Brutus. Caesar also knew a person named Mark Antony who was a great friend of his. Both of these peole made speeches at Caesar's funeral. They were almost on the same page of what they were taking about, but not quite there. In Brutus speech that was given that day of the funeral he talks about that goods things that…

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  • Octavius And Atia Balba Caesonia

    allies flocked Octavian in hopes he would reunite the Roman troops against Julius Caesar’s rival Mark Antony but…

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  • Logical Fallacy In Julius Caesar

    However, Antony intelligently and subtly leads them back over to supporting Caesar. After degrading Brutus’ ethos, he reminds the crowd of their love for Caesar, “You all did love him once, not without case; / What cause withholds you then to mourn for him?” This…

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  • Essay On Mark Antony's Actions

    Following Julius Caesar’s assassination in 44 B.C.E., Mark Antony assumed his position of authority in the state of Rome. However, in the same year Gaius Octavius, the chosen heir and grandnephew of Caesar, complicated Antony’s plan to obtain and hold the power in Rome. Gaius Octavius, or Octavian, came to Rome after hearing the news of Caesar’s death, as he was left an inheritance from Caesar and came to receive it. Competition with Antony for the rule of Rome, caused him to make unjust and…

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  • Mark Antony's Tactics In Julius Caesar

    to let chaos erupt. In the play ”Julius Caesar,” Mark Antony ends up being a protagonist and has a plan to make the people of Rome develop a massive amount of hatred for the conspirators. Cassius, one of the conspirators, knew that it was not a good idea to let Antony speak at Caesar’s funeral, but no one listened. Antony uses Aristotle’s three modes of persuasion to convince the people of Rome, which are “ Ethos, Pathos, and Logos”. Mark Antony uses a way, known as Ethos, to persuade through…

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  • Julius Caesar Act 1 Analysis

    1.1 -In this scene, Flavius speaks to the Roman crowd about how they use to climb up as high as they could “To see great Pompey pass the streets of Rome” but now they “make holiday to see Caesar,” Pompey’s known rival (1.1.34,47). The crowd of Rome seems to be very unreliable in terms of who they are willing to praise as their leader. They just flock to the one who has all the power and are not truly loyal to anyone. -When Flavius is parting with Marullus, he compares Caesar to a bird and tells…

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