Dolly Parton Research Paper

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She is the queen of country music. She draws you attention by her outrageous hair, makeup, and clothes. Well, her name is Dolly Parton. Parton has just a unique personality to her. The way to describe her in a good way is extreme southern bell. Dolly Parton has had a huge impact on country music. She always was singing folk or genuine country music. Her life revolved around country music and she wanted to share it with the world. She just had a way of life different from other peoples and wanted to share it with the world. Dolly Parton was very influential to many people because of their similarities. There for her unique style helped many people. She was not just a pretty princess, she was a girl filled with struggles in her life. She may …show more content…
She was exposed to country music in her early life. Her family would always play the guitar and sing, so that struck her interest for music. She immediately fell in love with it. Parton started performing a local age at her church. Then her music career exploded from there. She started performing locally in town, on television, and then three years later she performed at the Grand Ole Opry. Her career really started in 1967. Then from there she partnered to be in a duo with Porter Wagoner. She started publishing rights then received million in royalties. Then from her partnership with Porter Wagoner, she received a contract for RCA to be apart of their team and she expected. Following her contract with RCA she had a number one single in 1971. Then after number one single came about, she received many number ones following that. But then she took a step in a totally different direction. She started a amusement park called Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. This amusement park was a huge hit and still is a huge landmark to this day. Then she took a dive back into music and won a Grammy for the best bluegrass album in 1999. Following that she received recognition for helping many country music artists. They have said in the past that she has created a statement for herself in the world of country music. She has her own style and her own way of portraying music to people. But many people do not know the struggles she went through before coming this iconic country singer. She was a gay woman. She wore cargo shorts and tennis shoes waiting to sing The Star Spangled Banner. But underneath the plastic surgery, makeup, and many cans of hairspray she has not had this picture perfect life that you would expect. They said that she pushed through the critics and used them as fire to establish herself. She used them as a power and made her a better person. Many of her popular songs include Jolene, I

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