Relationship Between Dogs And Dogs

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By our sides, dogs have been around for centuries. The relationship between dogs and humans has changed over time. Dogs have changed over time because they have become pets. Dogs have become pets and joined many families around the world. Wolves evolutionized into dogs and became close to humans. Wolves would snack on human leftovers from meals and this caused for the pups that were born to be used to eating human food. At one time in the time, dogs were workers for humans and were not allowed inside homes because of their unpleasant smell and dirty image. Life without dogs was hard for humans living in the past because dogs did not exist to help with work. Dogs became popular and more people desired to own one, now that there are treatments and shampoos for dogs people own them as pets. The relationship between dogs and humans …show more content…
As the text 'How the Dog became part of a Family' states, "Dogs were once sheepherders and rat chasers. Now they are pets that we love to spoil." Time passed and dogs became very popular for their work and their ability to please humans. Dogs were not allowed to go inside because of their unwelcome smell and dirty fur. The following is also stated, "These hard working dogs were too smelly and dirty to be allowed inside." When America had become wealthier, more people could afford to take care of a dog and its needs. Soaps, shampoos, scrub, and medicines were being made to help dogs and make taking care of dogs more convenient and easy. Dogs also starred on TV shows which increased their popularity. Although dogs do not need to do a task for care and love, they are still helpful for our health, stress, and challenges we cope with. It's hard to believe that our beloved pet had once began as a worker and is now the pet that we love and desire. Dogs became popular and became pets for families all across the

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