Meech Lake Accord

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  • Case Study: The Meech Lake Accord

    encompasses the rights and freedoms of all Canadians. The Meech Lake Accord was the first attempt to amend the newly patriated Constitution in order to facilitate changes depicted by the Constitution Act, 1982. The Meech Lake Accord was a set of constitutional amendments designed to persuade Quebec to accept the Canada Act. The accord was proposed by both Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and premier of Quebec, Robert Bourassa. The failures of Meech Lake have had vast impacts on conduct of current day politics, as well as describe the interprovincial relationships in Canada. Throughout this paper I will argue that demand for the Distinct Society clause by Quebec had an exclusionary impact on Canada’s aboriginal population due to a lack of consultation which together resulted in the failure of the Meech Lake Accord. The five main modification demanded of the accord for the Constitution by Quebec are the following: a recognition of the province of Quebec as a ‘distinct society”; a commitment to Canada’s bilingualism; increased provincial powers with respect to immigration; expansion of the…

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  • Meech Lake Accord Case Analysis

    Ottawa’s efforts still did not lessen from Québec’s stubborn refusal. In 1987, PM Brian Mulroney attempted to accomplish Trudeau’s career-long wish: get Québec to sign the Constitution. These efforts took the name of the Meech Lake Accord. When Québec refused to sign the Constitution in 1981, it estranged itself from the Canadian “constitutional family”. During constitutional discussions, Québec made many proposals whose acceptance would have led to its addition to the Constitution. The accord…

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  • Analysis: The Meech Lake Accord

    Harper’s career achievement was blocking the passing of The Meech Lake Accord. Elijah Harper was correct that the Meech Lake Accord deserved to be stopped. This is due to the fact that it was being voted on by people who had a conflict of interest. Secondly, it would have created an inequality of power between Quebec and the rest of the provinces. Lastly, the trade off for the Meech Lake Accord was almost purely symbolic. The Meech Lake Accord would have made a power disparity between Quebec…

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  • Why Is Separatism Important In Canada

    the period under the power of Great Britain, Quebec can only have an non-elected council. Racism was existed in Quebec, most of the French-speaking Quebecers live in rural place while English-speaking Quebecers lived in big city and played a big role on trading and commerce. And also, the Constitutional Act of 1791, with the context to split Quebec into Upper Canada and Lower Canada, promoting the hatred of Quebecers toward the English-speaking Britain(Kizilos 35-36, 1999). Also, some political…

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  • Charles Taylor: Unifying Canada

    tradition, provenance, and history, [but that] we can be brought together by common purpose; our unity must be a projective one, based on a significant common future rather than a shared past" (Taylor 27). He pulls away from this idea, saying that it is, in it of itself, too simplistic. Though, it should be noted that history is the link to the nations political, social, economic or cultural past. It resonates with developments outlined in The Malaise of Modernity: individuals, technology and…

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  • El Nino Effect

    Conclusively, our research cruise information turns out to fall in general terms. However, there is factors that effect the results. One factor that influences the data results is El Nino. What is El Nino? El Nino is "A southward-flowing, nutrient-poor current of flowing, nutrient-poor current of warm water off the coast of western South America, caused by a breakdown of trade-wind circulation."(Oceanography: An Invitation). Specifically, El Nino influences seawater temperature, density, and…

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  • Conger Lumber Company Case Study

    The culling of white pine on Blackstone Lake began in the late 1880s with the arrival of the Conger Lumber Company. Once the commercially viable pine had been fully exploited the process of stripping hemlock trees of their bark for the leather tanning process began on the lake in the spring of 1900. At the time the Rankin Bros., headed by James Rankin on Blackstone, were supplying the Conger Lumber Co. Another sawmill operator in the region was the Mitchell Lumber Co. set up by Thomas Mitchell…

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  • Loughberry Lake Lab Report

    This experiment was designed to test what the limiting nutrient was in Loughberry Lake, as well as examine the trophic state of the lake. In order to find out what the limiting nutrient was, we performed a few different tests. We began with a secchi disk test to see the transparency of the water. Then, we took water samples that we later used to test the turbidity levels of the water after adding varying amounts of phosphorous and nitrogen. Phosphorous was the limiting nutrient in the lake,…

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  • The Conflict In Northern Ireland's Troubles

    successful. Like the Northern Irish, the land of the Palestine was under dispute by another foreign force. The Palestinian, like the Catholics in Northern Ireland became a “low-status minority … subordinate to Jews in every respect ... and state and private discrimination further handicaps the Arabs.”(ESEP 100) However, unlike the Northern Irish conflict, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict cannot be observed from the framework of the “Stewart story” as it is much more nuanced. To many, the Oslo…

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  • Zionism In Israel

    “On that day, the Lord made a covenant with Abram, saying, "I give this land to your offspring, from the brook of Egypt to the Euphrates River.” Despite this Biblical assertion of the shared belonging of the strip of land East of the Mediterranean, its ownership is cause for a major conflict between two groups in the world today. Since the development of Zionism in the 1940s, Israelis and Palestinians have been in a constant state of disagreement over the physical and political boundary,…

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