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  • Meech Lake Accord Case Analysis

    promising results. The ballot question was: “Do you agree that Québec should become sovereign, after having made a formal offer to Canada for a new economic and political partnership, within the scope of the bill respecting the future of Québec and the agreement signed on June 12, 1995?” There were many advantages to a “YES” vote. For instance, French language and culture would be maintained and money would be saved on maintaining two official languages (product labels, education, translations in parliament discussions, etc.). On the other hand, the disadvantages were that Québec would have to financially support itself and there would be many hardships for the people living in Québec who did not speak French. Premier Jacques Parizeau of the Parti Québecois led the referendum, fulfilling the promise he made when he was elected. Even though he worked very hard to promote his separatist views, the “NO” side was victorious by a narrow majority of 50.58%. Following the referendum, there was controversy relating to the counting of the ballots. There were complaints of spoiled ballots and the eligibility of voters along with other concerns. There seemed to be no end to Canada’s constitutional uncertainty. The day after the referendum, Jacques Parizeau resigned and was replaced by Bloc Québecois leader, Lucien Bouchard. Recently, when Bouchard was asked about…

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  • Why Is Separatism Important In Canada

    provinces directly(Gall,2005). It also considered Quebec as a distinct society. Once someone had more power, then the more ambitious he would be. The same as Quebec, It got his power, and then it wanted to be sovereign. Ten years later, the Charlottetown Accord failed as well. Nowadays, though Quebec is still belong to Canada, the separatism in Quebec made people worry about that if Quebec would split from Canada or not. The separatism is the root of many historical events and problems in…

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