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  • Adolescence Sexual Misuse

    This study had two essential destinations: First, to analyze the relationship between adolescence sexual misuse (CSA) furthermore, later child rearing qualities, especially physical misuse potential, and second, to investigate maternal annoyance as a go between the relationship in the middle of CSA and grown-up physical misuse potential. The purpose of this study was to show the characteristics and behaviors of child abuse children and how it can it affect later on parenting in the further future. The experiment consisted of Using a group test of low SES members that included 138 moms classified as having encountered CSA, and a correlation gathering of 152 non-sexually mishandled moms. Child rearing variables analyzed incorporated the mom…

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  • Case Study: Early Child Cognitive Development

    I think this case also connects to the early childhood CAP group as well. Linda is certainly worried about if her child will become the potential victim of child abuse from her husband. I think Linda made the decision definitely based on the factors contributing to early child cognitive development that have been presented by the early childhood development CAP group, especially on the parents figure attachment. Linda told me no matter how many extra jobs she has to work after the divorce,…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Child Rearing

    success. Other parents are less involved in placing their children in several activities to ensure their children’s success. What is the best way to raise children? What are some factors that affect child rearing? Several factors are known to affect how a child is raised, and determining a superior child rearing method is complex, with many pros and cons associated with each method. There are two primary ways to raise children: concerted cultivation and accomplishment of natural growth (Lareau,…

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  • Amy Chua's Outliers: The Story Of Success

    A Future Battle Some people claim that parenting is the main factor of success. One of those people is Amy Chua, the author of "Why Chinese Mothers Are Superiors". In contrast, Malcolm Gladwell, the author of Outliers: The Story of Success, suggests that there are other factors affects a person 's identity. Gladwell rejects Chua 's idea of strict parenting and forced practice, and he proposes that there are other factors such as life circumstances and practicing intelligence which are…

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  • Corporal Punishment In Child Rearing

    is such a prominent critic of permissive parenting. Many of us, including myself, reminisced how it was as a child when we had to respect our elders and were afraid to be caught misbehaving. Corporal punishment in child rearing has been a controversial issue for so long. It is seen as a disciplinary measure to prevent anti-social behaviors while the opposers defines it to be abuse, which promotes violence and assailment. Throughout history, child-rearing practices have…

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  • Reflection On Relational Connection And Self-Congruence

    Theme 2: Relational Connection and Self-Congruence Questions around building therapeutic relationships were a large part of my week during the family counselling portion of the course. Even though relationship building is one of the first lessons in counselling courses, for me, it has been the topic of many reflections. I have realized that perhaps these questions and uncertainties were related to not having found my counsellor style. Or, perhaps they were due to my natural inclination to play…

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  • Research Paper On Beginner Level Young Learners

    students to learn faster. So to create more enjoyable, flexible and effective lesson I used games and song. These games and song help to create meaning context for the practice. To make my students ready for production I used games as controlled and guided practice. While choosing my games I paid attention the interaction they will contribute…

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  • How Does Training Affect Food Safety Work?

    find tools that will keep the staffs’ attention. The National Restaurant Association (2014) lists information search, demonstrations, and training videos. Information search is a great way to pique the trainee’s interest and allow them to explore the information on their own. For example, a trainer would provide the staff with a set of questions that need to be answered in a specific time frame and then provide the aids, such as operations manuals, posters, and staff guides, to find the…

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  • Motor Skills

    describe a task. The last statement is true, although, speech should also be included when thinking about the term motor skill. “The term motor learning describes an act or task that satisfies four criteria. These four specifications are, goal oriented, meaning it is preformed in order to achieve some objective. Body and/or limb movements are required to accomplish the goal. Those movements are voluntary. Lastly, motor skills are developed as a result of practice. In other words, a skill must be…

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  • Cheerleading Narrative

    I’d rather be early than late like a few of the other girls. Eventually I realized that there was a lady in the gym talking to coach. I tried my best to listen to their conversation but I couldn’t hear much. I heard the words “Competition” and “All Star.” Recently I had heard about a cheer competition for the All Stars that would be held in San Jose. I live in San Francisco which isn’t that far away from San Jose, however, I have never been. We’re not All Stars though, why was that lady…

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