The Art Of Love And The Remedies For Love

I have recently read your advice in The Art of Love, and The Remedies for Love, and both stories give some great pointers on finding and forgetting love. Both books offer up very interesting techniques and ideas on love. You have a very interesting point of view about the whole idea of love, and I think you present some very useful advice to a man or woman seeking it. In your book The Art of Love you tell the man to look for a woman he can truly love and to fight for a mutual love with her. Though it may seem like a rather simple idea, I think this thought alone could make longer lasting relationships worth both parties fighting for. This extra thought and care put into finding the right person could save much trouble and heartache in a relationship with someone that will never be the right person. Another point I found to be interesting is that you tell men not to simply try to win a woman over with gifts because this is much too expensive, and sets a precedent for the relationship. You say that you …show more content…
I think your best advice on the subject would be to not allow yourself to hate the previous lover. You state that if a person allows themselves to hate their lost love, that means they are either petty or they are still in love. You instead tell a person to try to forget their lover, and to continue on in life without them. This advice is something that would do well to a lot of people if they could hear it after they lose a lover. People allow depression or anger to overcome them, and this makes forgetting the love even harder. Your advice on how to forget a lover is one that would be an asset to anyone who lost a love. Overall, I believe your ideas on love and lovers have some real value to them. While they may not all be right for me, I think that for some people out there these techniques may be quite

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