Psychology Of Love Essay

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Psychology Of Love My definition of the self from the first day of class must be revised every time I learn and research more about the human-self. This revision is no exception bemuse of my research into the psychology of love. The human emotion of love is the unavoidable necessity that every human will experience at least once in his/her life. Love influences the way we think, act, and our everyday decisions without us even recognizing its impact on our lives. These decisions and their characteristics bring about the question of what are the different perspectives in psychology on the nature of romantic love. Love can be evaluated through psychology, genetics, relationships, evolution, and a lot more perspectives. Each of these perspectives …show more content…
These theories will also give us an insight on another characteristic of the human self. The Reinforcement Theory of love is an early psychological study on love in which a relationship is explained through a system of rewards and punishments (Sternberg). This study, preformed by Al and Bernice Lott in 1961, shows the relationship between positive rewards or reinforcements and overall health of a relationship. Though this theory a person can fall in love or become attracted to someone by the number of positive reinforcements or positive experience rewards when a certain person is in your presence. This person will then be associated with positive overall value and you in theory will be attracted to the positive experiences and memories associated with this certain person. Studies done by Jerry Clore and Donn Byrne (1974) support this theory in such that attraction is based on the overall value in the positive and negative reinforcements associated with a particular person. This means that experiences will associate themselves with either a positive or negative value. These values will be compounded into overall experience value with this person. If the value remains positive then the attraction value will be present. These theories give us an insight and definition on the human self by showing us the characteristics of human love. Humans as a whole like to retain an overall positive value to those they associate themselves with and those that they “love”. This shows us that humans as a whole will have an overall positive and beneficial attitude represented in their individual selves. This theory can also represent how the human can be differentiated from other beings in such an aspect that only humans have the unique characteristic of

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