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  • Culture And Culture: The Importance Of Culture

    What is culture? It is a combination of some habits, traditions, religion and language that is shared among certain group of people within a specific region. Culture is the way that people get to know where other people belong to and where they come from. It is an interesting thing to enrich people’s knowledge by learning new traditions from different cultures around the world. It is a fabulous idea that people learn about new cultures when they need to travel or to communicate with different folks. On his article talking about understanding different cultures, Sturges says that one approach to understand a different culture is by learning its language, looking for being tolerated as a visitor, living it and moving into it (Sturges). Younger people in the United States should understand the importance of learning about and accepting different cultures because they will transfer what they have experienced to the next generations. Comprehending and accepting cultural diversity leads to eliminating discrimination and strengthening relationships between people from different regions. The Community Tool Box, a public service maintained by the Work Group for Community Health and development at the University of Kansas, stated that prohibiting and stopping ethnic and racial divisions could be achieved by understanding other cultures. If people get to know the basic information about other cultures, it would be easier to understand why other people behave in a different way.…

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  • Individualist Culture In Cultural Culture

    an individualistic culture are viewed as independent people rather than being identified in a specific group. They reward independence rather than working in a group. They think that an individual person is more important than a group of people. On the other hand, in a collectivist culture they believe that a group is better than an individual who is at the center of everything. An example of it is marriage; in a marriage both parties are involved and they decide if they want to get married to…

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  • The Effects Of Globalization On Culture And Culture

    effect of globalization on culture. While NGOs and others have subscribed to a philosophy of universal, or global, definitions of human rights and overall developement, there is another side to the argument. The idea that indigenous cultures have values and ways of thinking that are distinct, original and necessary to the growth and understanding of the rest of humanity is something that many are starting to accept. Unfortunately, this idea is also fractious by nature, as it asserts the value of…

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  • Different Cultures Of American Culture

    There are so many different cultures in the world from Japanese cultures, to Chinese cultures, to even our very own American cultures. I will talk about American culture, even though there are many sub-cultures in the American culture I will try to narrow it down. American cultures for us is the normal things we do; we tend to think that everyone does the same things that we do in our everyday life. For example, from driving on the right side of the road to even eating with forks and knives.…

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  • Strong Culture And Organizational Culture

    strong culture acts as ‘social glue’ bonding employees together. Richard Perrin once said, “organisational culture is the sum of values and rituals that serve as ‘glue’ to integrate the members of the organisation” (Watkins, 2013). A strong positive culture allows employees to foster trust among one another, making them more passionate and dedicated towards their work in the organisation (McShane, Olekalns & Travaglione, 2013; Brown, 1998). On one hand, a strong culture reduces and precludes…

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  • The Importance Of Culture In Western Culture

    western and eastern cultures, I would have to agree with Michalle E. Mor Barak, and state that western cultures do value youth over age, while eastern cultures value age over youth. I believe that the home is a reflection of the workplace, which is a logical explanation for this paradox amongst the different cultures. This difference is also due to the fact that western cultures are for the most part, individualistic, while eastern cultures tend to be collectivistic. Being raised in New…

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  • Reflection About Culture And Culture

    Culture is defined as the type of customs that many people of the same heritage share. Heritage contains most of the traditions of customs, and traditions that are passing through generations. Race is what puts people that have similarities into social groups; an example of race would be that people that have a dark skin complexion may be considered of African origin. The United States of America is a very diverse country that has many cultures integrated with it; although American society is…

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  • Hispanic Culture And Hispanic Culture

    Hispanics are a significant part of the United States. Through their traditions and culture, they have been easily differentiated. Hispanics include the Mexicans, Cubans, South or Central American as well as Puerto Rican. More clearly understood, Hispanics are people with links to the Spanish culture and heritage. These people are often linked with the colonization in United States under the Spanish empire (Carrasquillo, 1991). The issue focused here is the Hispanic culture, their tradition…

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  • Effects Of Culture On African Culture

    Culture is defined as the knowledge, beliefs, customs, and habits a group of people share. Obesity has become a global epidemic. Obesity is an imbalance between energy intake and expenditure such that excess energy is stored in fat cells. Every culture has different eating habits, yet obesity can occur in all of them. Exercise and diet can help prevent obesity from occurring. Some cultures are more active than others and some cultures eat better than others. Obesity and diet/exercise go hand and…

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  • Rape Culture And Negative Culture

    individual 's level of rape myth acceptance, the more the individuals will believe that idea that after a date sex is expected; if there is a high rating of victim responsibility and blame, then there is a lower rating of perpetrator responsibility and blame, which will result in a more lawful rape” (Basow and Minieri, 2011). Basow and Minieri findings reveals the negative effects rape myths have on the victims as well as people around them. By constantly accepting rape myths society is turning…

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