The Effects Of Globalization On Culture And Culture

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This week’s subject is a fascinating one; the effect of globalization on culture. While NGOs and others have subscribed to a philosophy of universal, or global, definitions of human rights and overall developement, there is another side to the argument. The idea that indigenous cultures have values and ways of thinking that are distinct, original and necessary to the growth and understanding of the rest of humanity is something that many are starting to accept. Unfortunately, this idea is also fractious by nature, as it asserts the value of one culture over, or at least as measured against, other cultures, especially the powerful and growing global culture. This assertion of value of even the most primitive of societies is disturbing because the forced march toward globalization by business seems to have had negative impact on these cultures. Perhaps we are in danger of losing cultures or at the very least losing major parts of cultures due to globalization itself.
This section also reflects the issue that much of the rest of the world has with globalization seeming to bring a distinctly American culture with it. Many of the first global businesses seen on the street by indigenous people are fast food chains. Because food can be central to a culture, these types of
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Again, this is not always valued by other countries and regions and can be seen as aggressive and damaging to the way local people have done things for generations. However, with the power and reach that the country has, many smaller areas have had their economic and political systems “helped” by American business. Lastly, simply by importing products, especially American entertainment and music, the culture inherent in them begins to impact the values of the populace, making changes that may not be in keeping with the values of that area’s leadership and present

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