Procrastination Essay

  • Speech On Procrastination

    “Procrastination is opportunity 's assassin.” The entrepreneur Victor Kiam perfectly captures my daily tiresome, tedious and irksome struggle to complete the Everest sized pile of what I would refer to as simply ‘stuff’ to do. If my pile of ‘stuff’ to do is as big as a mountain, then Procrastination is an earthquake, snowstorm and avalanche combined, completely and utterly obliterating any hope of me doing anything productive, leaving only the ruins of my plan and any work I was meant to do behind. If Picasso is a master of painting and Mozart a musical prodigy, then I am the maestro of Procrastination. Being such a genius of the art that is procrastination I have the special capability to procrastinate without even knowing I am procrastinating. But why do I do it? A day of procrastination goes like this: I wake up in the morning with a brain full of promises, plans, prospects and a whiff of up and coming productivity in the air. I then fall back asleep, fulfilling my primal instincts as a sixteen year old boy, arising about two and half…three hours later, slowly dragging myself out of bed and to the shower. After this point I’d probably check Facebook a few times, answer any messages I may have from my classmates and friends. The majority of these messages are from people who have forgotten what homework we had, are stuck or most likely of all are procrastinating also, and I reply in a fashion that conveys that I both know what we are doing and have finished it, satisfying…

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  • Reflection On Procrastination

    Procrastination; the word used to sum up the lives of individuals that do not finish their work on time. Even though there may be a valid reason for not having finished an assignment for school or a life project out in the real world, everything can in some way be led back to a single word, procrastination. Like many others, my life can be defined mostly with this single word as well. Procrastination for me meant both more time to think, and more time to do anything else but work. I started…

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  • Procrastination Essay

    twelve hours, but you still have to write ten pages. You question yourself, “How did I put myself through this again?” and look back at the days. Remembering how you made unnecessary excuses to not do the paper, you were a couch potato all week and could have completed this paper days before this night. Somehow, you do what you did on last week’s paper and miraculously finish the assignment in the nick of time. We have all procrastinated like this at one point, but what does it really mean?…

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  • Dangers Of Procrastination

    Have you ever had something very important to do, for example studying for an exam, writing an essay or even getting your homework done, but you couldn’t because you somehow get distracted from doing it? Procrastination is the culprit from getting our things done, we always think of a more fun and pleasurable things to do. We put a hold on the things that is most important. Even Though there is no cure for procrastination you could try some tips and tricks to be on top of yours tasks. There are…

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  • The Dangers Of Procrastination

    The term procrastination means to avoid a task which needs to be accomplished. For students, it involves usually to have a tendency to goof off by not being able to do any schoolwork before the deadline. Sometimes, students just like to waste the majority of their time just by watching tv, listen to music, and hanging out. What is another alternative for students so they won’t procrastinate? Will they be willing to get any work done? Here’s how we can find out why students procrastinate…

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  • Procrastination In Education

    were initially planning on doing. If this dependency on the internet is kept up, it will just build up to academic inconsistencies such as low scores and grades, lack of quality in work and productivity, procrastination, and possibly even lead to physical, mental, or emotional effects. It is so easy to find answers to homework, quizzes, and other assignments online, which in honesty can be extremely useful. However, using the internet to do your homework so that you can spend more time on your…

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  • The Importance Of Procrastination

    What does procrastination mean? Is it the stereotypical meaning of laziness? Thought over the years the term has become somewhat of a derogatory and insulting term. Procrastination has become a common term used to describe most of the new generation of today. On a regular basis, you hear the phrase “you wait until the last minute to do everything, or why are you so lazy?” According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Procrastination “is to be slow or late about doing something that should be done, to…

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  • Procrastination Analysis

    People often times procrastinate. This article will help you move and make procrastination work for you. Remember the last time that you put off a task The reason why some people is that that particular task is less important than others and they tend to put in it on less priority. How can one make procrastination work for them? Planned procrastination is the skill of creating this awful quality act for you. Planned procrastination suggests determining the arrangement of tasks an individual…

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  • Consequences Of Procrastination Essay

    No one’s a stranger to procrastination. It sneaks into lives slowly, careful to destroy anything good a person’s got going for them. As a student in my final year of high school, I have seen my fair share of procrastination. There are endless reasons a person might procrastinate and each person’s situation in which they do is unique. However, don’t be mistaken, for procrastination is a serious issue in many high school and college student’s lives’ and has serious consequences. Procrastination…

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  • The Negative Effects Of Procrastination

    to man and still persists to remain that way. In Why Wait? The Science Behind Procrastination, Eric Jaffe explains that procrastination is not something that is only hateful, but it is also harmful (Jaffe). Many people who habitually procrastinate miss out on desired opportunities, ending up regretting procrastinating in the first place. Procrastination is a problem because it produces more negative effects than positive for those who do it on a regular basis, causing high levels of stress and…

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