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  • High School Dropout Informative Speech

    developed countries.”1 2. “Almost 2,000 high schools across the U.S. graduate less than 60% of their students.”3 Significance: This is significant because high school dropouts are limiting themselves from potential success and opportunities in the future. Credibility: My family has always pushed me in my academic life. My father especially pushed me to excel at school, because he did not finish college and knows first-hand how difficult it can be to secure a job without a degree. Along with my father’s pushing, my mother would always say “no knowledge is ever wasted” and this saying has greatly shaped my view of education. Over the years, I…

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  • An Informative Analysis Of Campbell High School Grading System

    Attention Getter: Grades are the most important thing to think about in high school. Your grades heavily predicts your future and what career paths you will be able to go down in the future. However, what if you’re not good at test taking? What if you are instead better at doing classwork, projects, or homework? Well, that is unfortunate for you because of how your grade in Campbell High School is based heavily on your test grades. To say the least, it is unfair and stressful for who would…

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  • How Social Media Can Be Defined Through Various Definitions

    permanently. Take social media for example, Facebook comments or tweets may be deleted by the click of a button but that does not necessarily mean it is gone forever. Social media has taken over my generation and I personally have made comments that I wish I could take away for good. Though I realize they are out in the internet universe forever. However, in some cases typing or writing your ideas and thoughts onto paper may not be as long lasting. For example, my writings have been lost or…

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  • Running Through Life Speech Analysis

    Whenever someone accomplishes something important in their life they should analyze it for the strengths and weaknesses in order to improve for next time. My informative speech, “Running Through Life” was on Thursday, September 21th, 2017. This speech was in Mrs. Brown’s classroom at DeKalb High school. The topic of my speech was running, specifically the nutrition or preparation, practice, and competition. I was given the opportunity to record my speech and watch it later on to reflect on how I…

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  • Tour Of Duty Essay

    How much is pursuing higher education worth to Americans? The actual cost of a decent secondary education these days is astronomical and without higher education finding a high paying job is becoming harder and harder. An alternative to contemporary methods of paying is presented in “A ‘Tour of Duty’ Before College Would Serve Students and the Nation.” By Sheila Suess Kennedy and Matt Impink involving a one-year “tour of duty” in which high school graduates will be payed minimum wage during…

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  • He's Withdrawing Suspended Son From UCLA, By Frank Miles

    Summary In the informative essay “Lavar Ball says he’s Withdrawing Suspended Son from UCLA” written by Frank Miles, he describes the reasons behind the newfound marketing mogul’s decision of pulling his middle son out of college after being suspended from the team recently. Miles noted that Lavar Ball’s main reason for taking his son LiAngelo because he worries about the suspension handed down by the school without out any set end date. LiAngelo Ball was suspended from UCLA’s basketball team…

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  • The Importance Of College Application Process

    As a person goes through high school the reality that they will soon be applying for a college can be all to real. College application is long process, but that does not mean that it has to be overly hard and stressful. With a few simple steps a person can apply and be on their way to college in a short amount of time. In the process of applying for a college it is all to easy to forget to send in certain papers or to miss a step in the application process, but now there are many ways to ensure…

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  • My Effective Experience In The Clinical Experience Of A Public School

    I found the clinical experience to be very informative and a wonderful experience learning and observing the routines of a public school. After the four walk throughs at the Model Laboratory School, it became very evident that each classroom had their own look and each teacher had their own teaching methods depending on the subject or grade level. The clinicals are extremely important in the process of becoming a teacher as it showed the interaction between students and teachers, which cannot be…

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  • Increasing Access To College: An Education Mistake, By Toby Jackson

    transition. Secondary schools are failing in their education system, forcing colleges and universities to lower their standards for these students. Unfortunately, many college applicants now live with the consequences because they were poorly prepared. Many students weren’t introduced to MLA or APA formatting before being admitted into college. Therefore, they must spend extra time…

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  • The Rhetorical Analysis Of Robert Perry's On Real Education

    A four-year college is essential for majority of high school students to attain for our nation to achieve economic growth. Robert Perry argues this point throughout his article, “On 'Real Education. '” Perry article, “On 'Real Education, '” argument is that our nation is digressing in four-year college graduates compared to other nations. His argument was created to refute Charles Murray’s idea that too many students are enrolling in four-year colleges and most of those students should…

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