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  • Informative Essay On High School Lockers

    We finally reach the lockers and it seems as time has frozen for a moment as I start to see everything unfold in front of me I look to my left to see all the jocks sitting there acting like they own the hallways of this school. I make it to my locker with my friends Anthony and Emily as they usually walk with me to my locker every morning. I start to unlock my locker as I look to my right and see all the popular and cute girls scanning the hallway flirting with the jocks across the way. As I look back at my locker looking like I'm getting supplies out of the locker I see the smart group of kids out the corner of my eye talking about smart things. I grab my supplies and head to my classroom I see the sign seis no bullying beyond this point even the the teachers don't care about bullying they act like they do so they can keep their job and see people fight all day. I walk in the classroom and I sit down I scan the room and look around the place as I see all…

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  • Informative Essay On Weatherford High School

    A job paying more than minimum wage is challenging, but getting one right out of high school is rare. What if I told you that if you graduate from Weatherford High School with a $10 or more an hour job with only a semester of course work and clinical training required for the certification. You would be delusion not to think this is a good trade off. Most students at Weatherford High School are not fully aware of the health science and technology’s (HST) program that has collaborated with…

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  • High School Dropout Informative Speech

    developed countries.”1 2. “Almost 2,000 high schools across the U.S. graduate less than 60% of their students.”3 Significance: This is significant because high school dropouts are limiting themselves from potential success and opportunities in the future. Credibility: My family has always pushed me in my academic life. My father especially pushed me to excel at school, because he did not finish college and knows first-hand how difficult it can be to secure a job without a degree. Along…

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  • Informative Essay: Indiana High School Athletics

    playing football. Judd entered South Durham high school in the fall of 2008 with no real relationship with his father. Judd’s mother, Tammy, raised him and his three older siblings by herself while struggling with substance abuse. She often disappeared for lengths of time, leaving Akeem to fend for himself. Often Akeem would go hungry with no household utilities from the lack of work and he would have to stay with teammates when he could. Akeem was angered with his situation and dropped out of…

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  • Informative Essay: Roof Leakage In High Schools

    KUBASAKI HIGH SCHOOL I. Roof Roof leakage is one of the major issues plaguing the high school, except for bldgs. 1406, 1433 and 1437, all other buildings experiences roof leakage during rainfall. Buildings 1402 and 1408 are more egregious than others. In addition, with 1408 housing the main office, IC and Server localities, and leakage is problematic as it can lead to excessive loss of learning materials, i.e. computers and servers. More so, leakage within the main offices presents a…

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  • Informative Essay About Moving To High School

    Chat and selfie Transferring to high school, Changes, Coming out as gay The person I interviewed is Kevin Valenzuela and he's 13 years old he goes to VISA high school and he's currently a freshman. These were the questions I asked and it lead me to learn more about him. Where are you from, any siblings? “ My mom is from DF,Mexico and my dad is from Sinaloa.” Kevin was born in california and grew up with two other siblings. “ I have a 20 year old brother and a 12 year old brother”. He also…

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  • High School Dxd Bourn Informative Speech

    Knockers, juicy mangos, mounds, marshmallows, bazookas, cupcakes, twins, rack, warheads are all less than stellar innuendos to the embodiment of what High School DxD has come to be known for… Breasts, breasts and more breasts. High School DxD BorN is the third season of High School DxD, a franchise that has securely found it’s place in otaku culture. If you do not know the story by now this is not the review for you. Story: Following the events of season 2, Issei and company travel to the…

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  • Informative Essay On High School Football Players

    Millions of high school football players risk their future lives on the football fields under the lights on Friday nights. Their parents have either decided that the amusement of playing football either outweighs the risks that may occur, or they do not even think the sport is as dangerous as most think. Therefore, brain injuries have become a troubling topic of discussion in the NFL today. Football players use their helmets as weapons for a playing advantage on the football field. Due to…

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  • Reflective Essay On Becoming A Better Writer

    I quickly realized the better reader I was the better writer I would be, and vice versa. Grade school never consisted of any major forms of writing and at the time I never found myself disliking the subject. I never thought much of it, it was just another thing I had to do for school. Although before middle school I found myself attempting to keep up a diary. I would write my thoughts down or even just how my day went. The journal also consisted of stories my friends and I would make up, of how…

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  • It's Like To Attend The Best Boarding School In America By Melia Robinson

    Becki Wittman The article “What It’s Like to Attend The Best Boarding School in America” by Melia Robinson gives a taste into the life of a Phillips Exeter Academy visitor. Robinson tells anyone interested about the private school, likely parents or students looking for a better education, what kind of learning environment to expect at such a prestigious school. It’s an informative read, but also an opinion and therefore persuasive piece. Robinson doesn’t begin her day as a ‘student’ with…

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