What Makes a Good Teacher Essay

  • Future English Teacher Essay

    Teaching students a foreign language can be a challenging job. There are special skills that a teacher needs in order to be able to help their students and be an expert in teaching that language. As a future English teacher, I have thought a lot of what is the best way for me to teach English to students who do not have it as their mother tongue. I have been to many ESL classes and observed the teachers and I have learned a great deal. I have seen good ways in which they tried to relay the information to the students and learned from their mistakes too. I gathered an amount of information that I think that will help me in becoming a good teacher and I hope I learn more along the way of me teaching it. One of the important things that a teacher need in teaching a language is the ability of delivering the information in an appropriate way. The teacher, to my way of thinking, is required to be able to inspire the students to learn the language by teaching it properly and in an interesting way for the students. The students should be interested in the class in order for them to be able to learn from it and most of it depend on how the teacher delivers his or her topics. A great deal of the students think that they do not need to learn another language, or will not be interested in perfecting the use of their own language, so they will study it just to get the grades they need without really caring about learning it. I know for sure, for me, that if I feel bored in a class, my…

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  • Characteristics Of A Teacher

    that a good educational system rests primarily on the characteristics of the educators who shape the students. Apparently, it has been pointed out that the qualities of the teachers have a great effect on student’s achievement. In fact, most of the studies carried out in relation to the topic have shown that the achievement of the students depend not on the quality of their school. Rather, it is directly related to the fact that they have been taught by the best teachers. In this regard,…

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  • Movie Review: A Good Teacher Should Care About Students

    A Good Teacher Should Care about Students 1 The role of teacher is often formal and ongoing, carried out at a school or other place of formal education. Students come to school to get some knowledge from teachers. But can teachers only impart to them the knowledge and do not try to care about the student? The movie called 《Freedom Writers》 which was adapted from a true story might give us some answers. The heroin called Erin Gruwell was a new, excited school teacher leaved her hometown to teach…

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  • The Importance Of A Quality Teacher

    not understand the lessons. No teacher has ever taken to time to personally be sure that she genuinely understands and wants to learn. Then comes a new year and a new teacher. The number of times students come home from school with complaints about their teachers being rude, bitter, or simply not caring is insurmountable. These students need a new kind of teacher. They need a teacher who takes the time to work with each student and takes the time to approach lessons differently for the benefit…

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  • My Educational Goals To Becoming A Teacher

    I was inspired by my nephew to be a teacher when i grew up. My nephew Eakin told me that i 'm really good with little kids. I think it would be really cool to teach at the elementary school. If you are looking for a job that puts you around little kids until three everyday Then this is the job for you sweetheart looking forward to seeing you soon! Your…

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  • Why Are Teachers Work Hard For Little Pay?

    Teachers work hard for little pay Why are teachers getting paid less than other professions? Studies have shown that in the last couple of years teachers pay has fallen behind other profession by 13%. People often hear teachers say “you don 't go into teaching for the pay,” but why do teachers have to say this? Teachers have high pressure jobs, with many futures at stake from relying on their success. Failure to perform weakens their future, but more on their minds has the potential to cripple a…

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  • Analysis Of Para Teresa

    perform as good as they can is because of the class size. How can the class size influence the student’s performance? Right now, in a lot of schools, the principal and all of the administration in the school trying to reduce the class size to less than 40 students per classroom. Almost everyone believe that by doing this the teacher will be able to spend more time for each student. There will be more teachers that need to be hired. In many aspects, this is a good thing for the economic and the…

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  • The Benefits Of Teaching: The Life Of Education

    It is the job of a teacher to push the boundaries of what his or her students know, to show them new horizons, and to ignite the spark of learning in them and turn it into a roaring inferno. “The dream begins with a teacher who believes in you, who tugs and pushes and leads you to the next plateau, sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called 'truth '.” - Dan Rather. Not everyone knows about the Job of teaching though. When teaching first started out, single Teachers worked with a large group…

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  • The Importance Of An Art Teacher

    What is the importance of having good art teachers throughout high schools? Having a good art teacher can determine if a high school student goes to college or not. In the other hand a bad teacher can impact the overall interest of a student in specific subjects. Schools need to focus on hiring creative teachers that can improve the overall performance of the students, instead of employing teachers that affect a student’s success. What kind of inspiration does an art teacher needs to have in…

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  • Importance Of Lesson Plans

    disabilities, problems focusing inside the classroom and other issues. What if teachers could use the same ILP/IEP format to meet every students learning ability regardless of student? The Common Core lesson Plans that are used in the classroom now are just that, "Common". Many students are failing at being successful in school because teachers are teaching 20-3o twenty to thirty students in a classroom, with 20-30 different personalities and different backgrounds, "The Common" way. In this…

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