Does God Exist Essay

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  • Does God Exist

    throughout time about whether or not God exists. Some believe there is only one God, some think there are many, and some think there is no God. There are three main arguments that people tend to make about this subject. There is the ontological argument, the cosmological argument, and the design argument. With this paper I will discuss the different beliefs behind these arguments, my thoughts on this topic, as well as my past experience with this subject. Firstly, we’ve discussed that there are three main arguments: ontological, cosmological, and design. The ontological argument “is an argument that deduces the existence of God from the mere idea we have of God” (Philosophy…

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  • Does God Exist Essay

    In the vast study of philosophy, a particular question has baffled even the most intelligent minds. This question is, “Does God exist?” Philosophers have considered the answer to this question for centuries, each coming up with their own argument and reasons behind their thinking. A platform of debate often used is Antony Flew’s parable of the two explorers, who find a garden so beautiful, that one of the explorers is positive that there must be a gardener tending to it, even if he can’t be…

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  • Why Does God Exist

    Nearly everyone at some point in their life has questioned whether or not there is a God, and there are many arguments as to why or why not God is real, but through observation of the universe one can conclude that due to the patterns that arise and complexity of it all that God does exist. While God’s exact nature cannot be pinned down by these observations, one can get a rough understanding of Him and the level of power He has. In this day and age, having faith is simply not good enough for…

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  • Definition Essay: Does God Exist?

    When one thinks or talks about God they perceive or have an idea of a being that is all powerful, knowing and good by every definition. So if the question “Does God exist?” were to be answered then it is only logical to break this very same question down also by definitions. According to the Merriam-Webster’s dictionary there are many definitions of God to choose from but for the sake of the length of this paper I will take the first which is, the supreme or ultimate reality as: A) the Being…

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  • Does God Exist In Blaise Pascal's Wager Exist?

    Pascal’s wager is one of Blaise Pascal’s, a 17th century French philosopher and mathematician, most famous works. It is included in the work titled Pensees (thoughts) and was published posthumously in 1670. According to Pascal one cannot come to the knowledge of God’s existence through reason alone, therefore one should live life as if God does exist, and if he does indeed exist then we have gained heaven. If god doesn’t exist, then we have lost nothing. Although let’s just say god does exist,…

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  • Rene Descartes Why Does God Exist

    reasoning to a subject or matter, leads us to think that we exist as premise 1 states :" I think,therefore I am". For this reason, if we are being deceived or controlled by a demon/computer, we would not have the ability to think on our own. Therefore, Descartes is certain that God as a reason and exist because there is not reason that God would have give the ability to think to humanity and yet have a evil demon to control us. Those two thoughts cannot co-exist and, as a result, Descartes is…

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  • The Cosmological Argument Essay: Does God Exist

    For centuries atheists and theists have debated one of the most important questions to date; does God exist? Are there hard evidences to prove His existence if he truly is real? Most importantly, why is there so much evil in this world? These questions cannot be easily answered, nor will there ever be a definite answer for them from either point of view; however, they are still thought provoking and great questions to explore and discuss to find a better understanding of why we believe what we…

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  • Why God Allows Evil By Ernest Nagel And Does God Exist?

    majority of us grew up believing that there is a higher being above us that created us, that shaped our lives to be where it is now, and that being is known as god. When we were a child, we did not have a choice whether we truly believed in the existence of God. We were told what to believe and never questioned it that belief. In this essay, I will analyze the existence of god between “Does God Exist?” by Ernest Nagel and “Why God Allows Evil” by Richard Swinburne. Although Nagel rejects the…

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  • The Design Argument Essay: Does God Exist?

    It has been an age old debate on whether God exists. Throughout the world there are different beliefs and viewpoints on the topic of the existence of a being that is all-powerful, all knowing, and all-loving. There are the “Theists” those who believe in God and there are “atheists” those who do not believe in God. Along with those there is people who are known as “Agnostic” who have the belief that the existence of God is unknown and unknowable. As there is no physical evidence of the existence…

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  • William Paley's Watchmaker Argument: Does God Exist

    I decided to base it on a question which has enamored the world for the entirety of its existence. “Does God exist?”. I will be specifically looking into the Design argument, which is an empirical argument which tries to prove the existence of God. Most of the argument consists of picking out various features of the world (mainly complex, unique things) and showing that this…

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