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  • Graffiti Social Issues

    Issues of social disorder are more likely to involve youth. They are mainly committed by young people. We will be discussing three social disorders, graffiti, youth gangs and alcohol related street based violence. It is agreed among criminologists that the best response to youth deviance is to divert them away from the criminal justice system. Most of the debate surrounding social disorder involves public space. A limitation is that most solutions put forward by, including environmental crime prevention experts increase rather than decrease social exclusion. The best prevention in the crime prevention involves rather than exclude youth and takes into account, all opinions of all users including youth. Graffiti has been a long term…

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  • Social Issues In The Giver

    Many different societies around the globe experience many different social issues that affect the population. These issues affect the population in different kinds of ways. In the book The Giver written by Lois Lowry, Jonas struggles through making people realize emotions and finding a new way to live without the rules showing censorship. In the novel The Hunger Games written by Suzanne Collins, Katniss Everdeen struggles through poverty, loss, and dealing with an oppressive government as her…

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  • Social Issues

    Introduction Through out the time spent in the course I learned important aspects of Social Work. Although the readings were challenging at times, but in class always doubts were cleared and I had an understanding as to what the author was talking about. The assignments allowed having a good understanding of a social issue and what a particular agency is doing in order to work with people currently challenged by the social issue. On the first paper we explored the social issue, on the second we…

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  • Social Issues In Social Work

    The social issues I care most about are gender, and racial injustices. More specifically, I care about ending the discrimination, racism, and sexism that occurs in society. I think that these issues are more covert, and institutional. Racism and sexism exist in hiring practices, housing, education, and in politics. In addition, I think these issues have been apparent with the election. For example, Donald Trump and his supporters have demonstrated racial biases towards many minorities in this…

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  • Social Issues With Identity

    People spend their whole life trying to find their true identity, but what if this identity they have been trying to obtain isn’t actually their own? Issues with identity appear at birth when society labels children as either male or female. Before even beginning to learn how to walk or talk half of their life has been planned out based off of their gender. It is from this point that society begins to shape these children in order to fit a certain identity. Issues with identity stem from…

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  • Social Issues In Flatland

    Flatland In Flatland when you are born, if you are a male, your shape decides your class. Isosceles triangles are the lowest class, then equilateral triangles, then squares and on and on always increasing in one side. So whatever class you’re born into that’s it, you cannot move into a higher class. Your class decides what jobs you preform and the education you receive. This is comparable to our culture because if you are born in to the lower class it is very hard to make it to the upper class.…

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  • Social Media Safety Issues

    Have you ever thought about social media? How it can put things out there that aren’t true? Did you know that 57% of social media users are lied to? If social media was secure for kids and teens, then this wouldn't happen. Social media is appalling for young kids because it causes cyberbullying, lower academic grades, and lots of safety issues. First off, social media can cause cyberbullying, which can lower kids self-confidence and more. When kids gossip, sometimes it is not fully true, and…

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  • Social Issues In Egypt Revolution

    societal level, the lack of dignity is felt in many areas: lack of education, opportunities, healthcare, social services, and marriage crises. Police brutality intensely affects an individual’s self worth and identity. Tarek Mansour, an Egyptian citizen states that, “Just go on YouTube and you’ll be shocked at the amount of videos and the things that happen while police officers are just laughing” (Ismail 2011, 993). Similarily, Mohamad El Masry, a medical doctor, claims that people are looking…

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  • Social Issues In The Movie Zootopia

    today are increasingly becoming worse. Especially concerning issues involving the Criminal Justice system. When one looks closely at this film, it tackles these issues head on. Even more, Zootopia takes these controversial topics and turns them into a story meant for not only kids, but also for adults. While Disney has attempted to tackle some very important social issues, this one in particular might be one of the best. Zootopia delivers us a brilliant, complex view on these social issues…

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  • Social Security Issues In America

    Social Security: the effects of the Aging American population The Social Security system was enacted in 1935 in response to the Great Depression when millions of Americans were affected by unemployment and poverty. In 1880, the populations of farm and nonfarm workers were about equally balanced, but by 1930, workers in farm occupations accounted for only 21 percent of the workforce. Industrialization created a social problem as Americans became more dependent on wage income and less on family…

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