Philosophy in Life Essay

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  • The Importance Of Philosophy In Life

    Philosophy is a Greek word that is often translated as “the love of wisdom.” In other words, philosophy is the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline. Applying philosophy into daily living, it can definitely help me live a better life. It gives me the opportunity to improve how I can analyze and evaluate a situation or an idea, as well as, enhance my reasoning and critical skills, such as critical thinking, problem solving, proper judgement and decision making. Additionally, it widens my perspective and standpoint on a topic, allowing me to think fairly and honestly. To think about it, every day of my life is full events that involve philosophical questions.…

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  • The Philosophy Of Life In Fuulghum's Spiders

    The first essay in Fulghum’s collection All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten, which he titles “Credo”, plainly lays out his philosophy on life: people can live satisfying and meaningful lives if they only remember those basic lessons learned by all children. His proposed issue with humanity is that we often forget these simple lessons. Basic tenants of childhood like sharing, being nice, and cleaning up after one’s self are often neglected by adults. Fulghum believes that by…

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  • Lucretius And Epicteus's Philosophy Of The Good Life

    the good life? Many philosophers believe that they know what a good life is, what it consists of and how the good life can be reached. Lucretius, a Roman philosopher who followed the idea of Epicureanism, believed that simple pleasures and avoiding pain is happiness which leads to the good life opposed to Epictetus, a Greek philosopher who followed the idea of Stoicism, believed that one should never desire or seek pleasure whatsoever. Although Epicureanism may sound similar to Epictetus, the…

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  • Bertrand Russell The Value Of Philosophy To Individual Life Analysis

    The Value of Philosophy to Individual life by Bertrand Russell. Russell’s goal of his article is to explain the everyday uses of philosophy and how philosophy influences human’s life both directly an indirectly. Russell also discusses how philosophy expands the human knowledge of what could be. Philosophy, according to Russell, frees our minds from the imprisonment of common sense. Therefore, this essay will explain Russell’s work and the point of his argument. Many scientists who study modern…

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  • Summary Of Philosophy And The Meaning Of Life By Julian Bagggini

    Introduction Philosophy has been a fundamental base for human beings to ponder on the question: “why are we here?” We had drawn numerous questions, and we had come up with countless answers to dare attempt to explain how we came to be a being, and what it means to be a being. Julian Baggini, the author of “What is it All About? Philosophy and the Meaning of Life,” analyzes these questions and different positions to come to an ultimate conclusion that combines all reasonable understandings of the…

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  • My Personal Worldview: My Philosophy Of Life

    According to Marriam-Webster, the definition of worldview is “a way someone thinks about the world.” As everybody has a unique view on the world, their views of the universe can range from joyfulness or sadness depending on how he/she perceives the events in life. Some individuals think the events that unfold in life are beneficial to their overall success, while others believe that the events that are taking place lead to a dark place. Nonetheless, we have to face the reality and try to make…

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  • My Family, Values, And My Philosophy Of Life

    Philosophy of life is an overall vision of or attitude toward life and the purpose of life (Merriam Webster). This point in my life I have taken a few values that I hold in high regards. These values include family, friendship, moral, love, education, optimist, happiness, and purpose. I will be describing in this essay my philosophy and why I hold these values of high regards in my life. Family Family is one of my top values and something I hold dear in my life. From the moment I was brought…

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  • Reflection Of Death And John Keats Philosophy Of Life And Death

    Keats' Philosophy of Life And Death A man who avoids death will never mature, and he will never profoundly understand and solve the problem of existence. In life, people inevitably encounter a variety of problems, the limited life and unlimited desires, the eternal desire to live with the inevitable death of the fate of the contradictions, etc., contained in the lives of everyone , Thus constituting the predicament of human existence. Life and death, as a phenomenon, reflects people's concern…

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  • Personal Statement Of Internal Medicine: My Philosophy Of Life

    Every living soul has some philosophy on which it builds its life and its values. “You treat a disease you win you lose, You treat a person, I guarantee you win no matter the outcome” verbalizes my philosophy of life. The imagination of treating the ailing persons has charmed me since my childhood. As a child I was always fascinated by my father, who used to be the only doctor in countryside of Punjab, a province of Pakistan. My father’s dedication to his patients and his hardworking nature…

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  • The Reflection Of Philosophy: My Philosophy Of Life

    A When we say philosophy, it varies from person to person. It is how one view life through gained knowledge or experiences. You may have a certain philosophy that matches with the others but not exactly the same. There are other aspects of that philosophy of yours that differ from the others. What is then my own philosophy? I’ve learned there are two types of reflection we make in life – the primary and the secondary reflection. It is in the secondary refection in which we try to answer…

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