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  • Depression: Depression, And The Characteristics Of Depression

    While Depression is a word often thrown around by a vast majority of people to describe a current, but ultimately ephemeral and temporary change in mood, it is much more. It represents a clinical health concern for many people worldwide. Understanding for what depression actually is is growing recently, but many still see it only as a sluggish laziness afflicting millions of their coworkers and family members (Oyama & Piotrowski 2015). But when that lazy Sunday blues causes thoughts and even attempts and sadly acts of suicide, it is much more than we give it credit for, and reason for alarm and concern, not blame. Not only that, but the data available about depression is only of cases that are diagnosed, which means only the people well enough to seek help or with friends or family to refer them are counted in this data. In order to diagnose depression, according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, IV edition (1994), five out of nine characteristics must be met: “depressed or irritable mood for most of the day, diminished interest in previously pleasurable activities, significant unintentional weight loss or weight gain, insomnia or hypersomnia, physical agitation or slowness, loss of energy or fatigue, feelings of worthlessness or excessive guilt, indecisiveness or a diminished ability to concentrate, and recurrent thoughts of death.” To be clear, any degree and combination of these symptoms are cause for concern and counseling, even suicidal…

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  • Depression And Depression

    Depression is the common cold of mental disorders. Most people will be affected by depression in their lives either directly or indirectly at some point or another. It is a debilitating condition which can cause physical and psychological symptoms and lead to social and functional impairment. Depression is characterized by a number of common symptoms. These include a persistent sad, anxious, or “empty” mood, and feelings of hopelessness or pessimism that lasts nearly every day, for weeks on end.…

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  • Depression: The Symptoms Of Depression As A Mental Depression

    Depression Depression is a mental illness that is often mistreated because most people don’t understand the signs. Also, money being devoted to the research to find the causes and devise new treatments isn’t keeping pace with the need (Depaulo 8). If people devote a little time to try to understand depression, maybe we would have a better chance of correct diagnostics. As many as five people may eventually suffer a significant depressive illness (Ainsworth 3). Depression affects more than 17…

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  • Depression And Teen Depression

    Teen Depression Many people have some kind of depression. But teen depression is one of the most common in teens around the world. Some teens may feel sad and lonely and not know why they may feel this way. Having this illness can be very stressful as a teenager. Teens may feel that no one understands them and how they feel. Yes, having depression can be very stressful but the key is learning how to cope with it. Learning how to cope with depression can make life easier knowing that it is not…

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  • Depression: Adolescence And Depression

    Erin is one of my close friend’s little sister, so I have known her for awhile. She always seem really outgoing and carefree since, I met her. Then, all of a sudden, her attitude completely changed. It was a bit confusing for me to see the dramatic change she has been going through. Depression is a real issue, and to see someone experiencing it, is very tough. Observation Erin had a normal childhood growing up until she reached middle school.Throughout middle…

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  • Depression In The Great Depression

    The Great Depression was arguably America’s darkest hour. Looking back, modern day Americans cannot fathom the despair and hopelessness that covered America like an itchy woolen blanket throughout the 1930s. How bad were those days? What kept American families alive? Where was God? Now, imagine if another Great Depression happened tomorrow. Could America recover? As a student flips through his history textbook, he spots a photo of men lined up around a block waiting for bread at a soup kitchen.…

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  • Depression In An Adolescent Teen Depression

    This paper looks at depression in an adolescent teen, named Doris. Depression is defined as a mood disorder characterized by several symptoms such as sadness, irritability, sleep problems, to name a few. I will discuss the symptoms displayed and reported by the client. I will evaluate the symptoms and determine which of the psychological theories can be most useful to the client. Furthermore, I will discuss how this psychological theory explains the client development and the manifestation of…

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  • The Effects Of Depression And Depression

    schedules, peers, and society. According to, stress is commonly described as “a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.” It can be caused by major life changes, work or school, being too busy etc. Those who are drastically stressed can experience symptoms such as sleep problems, depression, Pain of any kind and moodiness. These types could lead to more serious problems such as, heart strokes, weight problems, etc.…

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  • Depression: The Nine Different Types Of Depression And Postpartum Depression

    Depression isn’t like a cold or allergies, it doesn’t just come and go. There is always a reason for someone to be diagnosed with this condition and it takes a little while for people to fall so low into this stage. Depression is a serious medical condition in which someone feels constantly sad, lazy and hopeless. It causes people to not be social, constantly drag themselves around miserably and think suicidal thoughts. Many people get into a state of sadness here and there but that doesn’t…

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  • Depression: Symptoms And Causes Of Depression

    been depressed at least once, but what do people really know about depression? Depression is a mood disorder which causes a constant sense of melancholy and loss of interest in things that were once enjoyed. Depression happens because of chemical imbalances that occur in the brain. Depression often changes the mood and the characteristics of the individual it affects. Depression affects everyone differently; this is why some may describe depression a certain way and others may not necessarily…

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