Role of Youth in Nation Building Essay

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  • Importance Of Youth Essay

    ‘A nation whose youth are endowed with self as strong and hard as steel No need of piercing swords in war Such people brave can ever feel.’ Today youth is the powerful weapon we have, which can be utilised to all those works which are undone yet. Everyone knows that the youth is an asset of a nation because Youth is the building blocks of a country. It is a reality that the progress of a county is in the hands of its youth. The stronger the youth, the more developed country will be. The countries which utilize their youth in right direction are more developed. The ability, spark and brightness of the minds of youth act as torchbearer for a nation. On top of that, youth is the real backbone to strengthen the nation and needless to say, it’s…

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  • National Drug Control Strategy Essay

    educating the youth, reduce the health and social costs of illicit drug use, reduce drug related- crime and violence, shield America’s air, land, and sea frontiers from the drug threat, and break foreign and domestic drug sources of supply. Controlling these strategies can prevent illegal drug trafficking and possibly reduce the rates of addiction to drugs, tobacco, and alcohol. Although many of the National Drug Control Strategy goals are effective in their own way to an extent, educating the…

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  • Teen Involvement In Schools

    circle. A shocking lack of teen involvement in places once the pride of the youths who participated in them has gripped the nation… nay, the world! Let’s face it- being involved in the community as a teen has become stigmatized. Their peers view it as a frivolity, and an unnecessary distraction from time they believe would be better spent playing Fortnite or Snapchatting. In all reality, I myself think that, sometimes. But, this mindset is only semi-permanent. If teens were offered positions or…

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  • Propaganda In Germany

    The youth in Nazi Germany were an essential component to building the national body and the ideological German race. Incidentally, throughout film, propaganda and photography, there was a huge focus on the youth’s requirement and vitality in shaping the future of Germany. As well as this, these mediums also shed light on the ways in which the young were used, merely as a prop in order to promote Hitler himself. The body of both young girls and boys are crucial to consider and, importantly, the…

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  • Cannabis Debate Essay

    Introduction The percentage of Canadian youth who report using cannabis has been cited as the highest in the developed world (Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse, 2016b). According to United Nations Children’s Fund Office of Research, in 2013 twenty-eight percent of Canadian Children aged 11 to 15 admitted to using cannabis at least once in the past year. The Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse (CCSA) (2016b) reported as much as 7% of adolescents smoke marijuana every single day; making Canadian…

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  • The Importance Of Protest In The United States

    Across the nation, women and men are marching to protest what the believe is right. People are protesting against recent events that took place throughout the year. For example thousands of people protested against Donald Trump who defeated Hillary Clinton in the presidential election. Many African Americans are protesting against the brutal shooting by police officers towards African Americans. Lastly, thousands of men joined in the women's march to support women's equality. The women's march…

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  • Importance Of Peace In The World

    when a nation or country battles with insecurity or fear initially they feel threatened and this leads to the country going to war either on the defensive or offensive side, but humans fail to see that its fear, or rather refuse to recognise the fear but if only we were able to achieve this and recognize the fact that we remain divided because fear divides us as a nation. Think about the irrational behaviour, fear to bring out of us and with such behaviour in most cases, the conflict will result…

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  • Aboriginal Education Through Culture

    programs are important in early education for Aboriginal children’s health and well being. These programs are also increasingly recognized for building the wellbeing…

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  • Film Analysis: Triumph Of The Will

    Triumph of the Will The film starts with scenes which indicate Hitler’s arrival to the rally and the sequence consist of several aspect of dramatization. It shows the sky, then modern architecture, marching, masses from Hitler’s point of view from the plane. Later Hitler exits from the plane as the nation waits for him with sheer anticipation and enthusiasm. Parallels are made between Hitler 's arrival through the skies, and the descent of a God, coming to meet his people. Leni Riefenstahl…

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  • Police Programs Essay

    to help build relationships with youth and adults, increase community police academies and prevent crimes. Certain demographics look at police brutality as a controversial causes of…

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