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  • How To Write A Descriptive Essay About A Car

    A Car’s “JOURNEY” It was a lonely quiet night not as the usual one….. Lamborghinis’ Camp It was day 25th of February 2007, the day work on me started. My parts were in making… workers with their full capacity were doing their work … the work assigned to them was to plan and make the best car of the year which becomes a classic and inspiration for the future. I was the first one of my type in building. They started fitting the parts; the engine inside me was the most powerful one which world has not seen yet. About 40 workers with all what they have... They made me with most powerful and incredible equipment. Finally the day came when I was ready to come in front of the world to show them what I am. It almost took 10 and half month to create me. Now the most important task for the company was to give an impressive and expressive name to me which can attract people. After giving their entire mind the Chief of this project suggested a name on which he got standing applause from the team and which I liked… The name he suggested was – “Lamborghini INVINSIBLE X” The day came to uncover me in front of the all God's creations… The company arranged a huge event, all respected were there. Brand ambassador of our company was introduced. The event started all media was covering the show. Chief of the project was introducing my exceptional and extraordinary features to the guests. The event was in a football (rugby) stadium in New York City…

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  • Sydney And How To Write A Descriptive Essay On Helmes

    My name Sydney also spelled as Sydnee, Sydnie, Sidnie, or even Sydni. Sydney can be a boy or girl name. Sidney is variation of a surname, but was later changed the spelling to Sydney. Sydney is most commonly used in English and is french for Dennis. Helmes is my last name. Most people spell it Helms, which is English and is a variant for helm 1, Helmes is german and is patronymic for helm 3, somehow these are linked to one another and have probably changed in spelling over the years. Helmes…

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  • Examples Of Informative Style Writing

    from an author’s own experience(,) but often an author includes their own experiences when writing a narrative type story. The author may also write an informative type story that does not include themselves. A author may write a expository type story that doesn’t include them self, it is an explanatory style story. A descriptive style of story or essay writing is usually used in the news media(,) and the author never speaks of themselves in such style of stories. Persuasive style writing…

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  • Lessons Learned In John Steinbeck's The Red Pony

    The ideas and different lessons learned in John Steinbeck’s stories are very real, as they make you feel a part of the deep story. John Ernst Steinbeck Jr., was born February 27, 1962, in Salinas, California, as he grew up there as well. The Red Pony is a book about a boy named Jody who gets a very special horse named Gabilan. The horse sadly dies from a bad cold as Jody recovers and later finds out new mysteries about his town. The author’s style of writing explains a lot as the author writes…

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  • My Reflective Paper In English Composition

    However, I am now able to much more than I was able to do in the past, this includes identifying my strengths and weaknesses. For instance, I have found that I am better at writing descriptive papers than argumentative papers. This college course has definitely helped me improve my overall writing. My first paper in English Composition opened my eyes to how inadequately I had written before. Before I took this course, I had no idea what a thesis statement was or that it even existed. When I…

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  • Case Study D2

    D1) If I were to mentor a first year student on how to effectively analyse a case study, I would first let the student do some background research on the topic he would be learning about, to give him the basic information he would need to carry on. The other main point I would tell the student to do is to create a plan to make it easier for him. Now that he has some knowledge about the topic it wouldn’t be too hard to construct a plan. I would advise the student to look for relevant information…

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  • The Last Night Hayasaki Analysis

    Hayasaki writes, “It felt like an 80,000-pound semi-truck had parked on Will Piper’s chest” (Hayasaki). She starts out with a complex simile. This kind of literary language is unusual for more academic, expository writing. Hayasaki uses many similes and metaphors throughout this central and final scene. For instance, she writes that the corn kernels were “greenish and moldy, like decaying teeth.” This image is strong and poetic. The reader can almost smell it, taste it, and see it. It is a…

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  • Fahrenheit 451 Style Analysis Essay

    He doesn’t have an outrageous style when it comes to the tone part of his writing, it’s just very serious in terms of how the situation is. In some ways, you could say it’s very dark, because the main character, Montag, is very sad in some of the stories plot. I guess that’s why not too many teenagers enjoy the book because the tone isn’t very enjoyable. Bradbury’s diction in this book is very formal, which means the reader should have an expanded vocabulary while reading this. Bradbury uses…

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  • One Writer's Beginnings By Eudora Welty Analysis

    experiences as a little girl and how they impacted her craft as a writer in the autobiography, “One Writer’s Beginnings.” She conveys the intensity and values of these experiences by using descriptive language. Welty begins by describing the librarian she had as a little girl. She uses words like “her dragon eye” and “commanding voice.” Welty describes her librarian as an angry and serious individual. Welty also states that her librarian didn’t allow anyone in the library “if she could see…

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  • Analysis Of Lamarian Watkins's Tuesdays With Morrie

    When LaMarian Watkins was a young boy in elementary school, his mother, an aspiring school teacher, would sit him down and tell him to read and write for two hours every day. His mother wanted to make sure he had a strong reading and comprehending level at a young age. She knew it was imperative to have knowledge built on a strong foundation. This continued until Mr. Watkins attended Hickory Ridge Middle School in Memphis, TN where he started to write on his own for pleasure. During middle…

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