Smoking Should Be Banned in Public Places Essay

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  • Should Smoking Be Banned In All Public Places

    Decision Impacts Everyone It is a disturbing fact, that even though a plethora of scientific evidence exists on the dangers of smoking, each day millions of people reach for their cigarettes, light up, and relieve their nicotine craving. Some smokers may believe their risky habit does not have an impact on people around them. Science, however, tells a different horror story. Smoking should be banned in all public places as exposure to second hand smoke poses serious health consequences to include cancer and death. It is no secret that smoking is the leading cause of preventable premature deaths and “accounts for a sig¬nificant proportion of many health inequalities” (Brown and Ekpu,…

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  • Explain Why Smoking Should Be Banned In Public Places

    Smoking: Should It Be Banned in Public? Several people are dying because of smoking. The statistic showed that 187 countries in 2012 there were about 967 million people smoke daily, compared with about 721 million people in 1980, according to the Wikipedia. Cigarettes contain the nicotine that makes people addicted to smoking. So, it is difficult for smokers to stop this habit. Smoking not only harms the smoker, but also those who are nearby. In many countries smoking being banned in…

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  • Why Should Smoking Be Banned In Public Places

    “Smoking is hateful to the nose, harmful to the brain, and dangerous to the lungs,” (King James I). For centuries, humans have created an addiction to the small, “silent” killers called cigarettes. While some may argue that smoking acts as a stress reliever, scientific evidence demonstrates that smoking is actually harmful to the smoker and others surrounding him. The FDA must be stricter with smoking laws in restaurants and public places because it is harmful for those surrounding the smoker,…

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  • Smoking Should Be Banned Essay

    debate on should or should not smoking in public places be banned. Everyone knows that smoking harms our health and destroys every organ in our body. Tobacco was found in America for more than 8000 years. People started chewing tobacco at first and they only smoke it during specific events as been said by the “A brief history of smoking” (2011, p.1). It was considered as a type of accessories for a man to hold a tobacco in his hand. Some people see it as a sign of being mature and old enough so…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Smoking Should Be Banned

    Smoking is a secondhand mixture of gases and right particles that includes smoke from a blistering product such as cigarettes, marijuana, or smoke that has occurred to be exhaled from a person who is smoking. A Nonsmokers who inhales second hand smoke gets the same toxic chemicals and in additional to smoking the more smoke you inhale the more detrimental chemicals you will inhale. There is no dangerous-free level of vulnerability. 126 Million Of smokers however nonsmokers are exposed to…

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  • Why Is Smoking Allowed In Public Places

    Smoking has several negative effects on people’s health, not surprisingly. It is one of the major leading causes of death lead by lung diseases, cancer, and heart diseases. Furthermore, it does not only affect smokers, but also others around them, through secondhand smoking. Therefore, it is banned from numerous public places to avoid harming others. However, it is still allowed in other areas, especially in Kuwait. Not considering its various negative effects on others, could lead to serious…

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  • Why We Shouldn T Smoking Be Banned Persuasive Essay

    shouldn’t have to go out in public and breathe in nicotine filled air just because smokers can’t go without their fix. Smoking shouldn’t be permitted in public areas. During the eighteenth century cigarettes were first invented. Smoking became an all time high when the automatic roller was invented. Cigarette production was faster than ever. Without filtered tips smoking was even more harmful to health. European and American researchers discovered a link between smoking and a wide variety of…

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  • Why Should Smoking Be Banned In Public

    The Smoking Gun: The Ban of Smoking in Public In a country as great and free as the United States of America, rights are an important piece of the country’s foundation. When it comes to smoking in public, one must ponder, who is more deserving of the right? Is it the citizen who is for smoking in public or is for the citizen who is against it? While many people are convinced that it should be the right of a legal age smoker to smoke wherever they wish, smoking in public should be banned due…

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  • Smoking Should Not Be Allowed In Schools

    Smoking has been around for centuries but yet most of us hate that it still is. Smokers do not realize the effects that smoking has on them and others. Smoking should not be done in public in my opinion. It looks like nothing, but it 's only doing more harm than good. The stench of smoking is so disgusting and no one wants to go around smelling like some burnt garbage. Smoking has caused health problems and adds to the pollution of the world. According to the world health organizations, more…

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  • Explain Why Smoking Should Be Banned In Public

    Smoking should be banned in public because it’s unhealthy and people should not be smoking 4 or 5 packs a day smoking causes lung cancer and people like me really hate it. I don’t like being around smokers because causes all kinds of problems smoking is really bad because it affects the body and it takes a while for the body to recover from smoking. But when people smoke it increases blood pressure and increases heart rate and is also bad for the person because it will cause all kinds of…

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