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  • Personal Narrative In High School

    Personal Narrative I have been to three different schools throughout my entire life. These schools have shaped me into what i am today. I have always thought that everything happens for a reason. Going to these three different schools has led me to where I am today. I’ve experienced a lot throughout the past couple of years. The first school I had ever been to was Cimarron High School. I started there when I was in kindergarten. Throughout those years I had a tough time making friends. I wasn't necessarily rich and to be popular there you had to have a known last name. I remember at recess none of the girls would like me because I was always playing football and soccer with their boyfriends. Maybe they were just jealous because I could keep up with them. Throughout grade school I was the tomboy. I never wanted to dress like a girl or even do my hair. I always wanted to play football but my parents had never let me. Therefore, in grade school I had found my love for sports. My parents had put me in volleyball and basketball. My mom coached me in volleyball till I was in middle school and my dad had been coaching me in basketball since I was about 6. When middle school came I started playing basketball more and more. I had figured out that I wasn't that bad at the sport. I played for the middle school team and both my seventh and eighth grade years we lost in the league championship to Meade. They were our rivals. Nobody in Cimarron really ever liked Meade. At the end…

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  • Personal Narrative: My New School Experience In High School

    Personal Narrative I’ve had struggled throughout elementary, middle schools and highschool, shaping who I am now. I encountered many roadblocks throughout these years in school and they have pushed me to what to the best of my ability. I continued to push myself through high school as I am almost finished and ready to start my new School experience in college. The people in that I have surrounded myself around have also influenced the way I work. Many of those people have had their own…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: A Personal Experience In High School

    in with a mouthful of Cheetos and a couple of snacks in her hand. I have no exact knowledge of how long Karlee and I had been friends at that point, but I believe it was at least a year or two. We met at the beginning of Junior High and were nearing the end of the year; on our way to high school. I started getting close with her when she helped me with my grandma passing away, that 's when I knew that our friendship was going to become stronger. But that night was going to make our bond…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Personal Changes In High School

    the better or the worse during high school but I never believed it was true. Looking back on my high school years I noticed that what they said was actually accurate. Within those four years I realized so much. Like how quick people can switch up and change on you. The person you thought you knew is nothing like that now. It all seemed strange to me at first because I 'm not the type of person who lies and acts different to become someone 's friend. But many others were, so based off of that I…

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  • Personal Narrative: Personal Experience In High School

    steps of the stage, I patiently stood as they read off our names alphabetically. My hand is temperate, as I am clutching onto the chilled metal stair railing. I could hear the surrounding people in the room clapping and cheering, as it echoed throughout the building as each person was walking across the stage to receive their own diploma. I could feel the butterflies in the pit of my stomach, as I had been waiting for this day for as long as I could remember. The day I was achieving something…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Day Of High School

    I remember my first day of high school and the assortment of thoughts which were associated with it; the queasy stomach, racing thoughts, and being anxious about the days, even years, ahead. Throughout the night before, I couldn 't fall asleep; my heart was racing and my brain resisted my pleas to stop fretting over my fears. I barely slept at all, merely a few hours, and when I awoke at six that morning anticipating school, I was miserable. Although I felt as though I would pass out those…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Day Of My High School

    every single step of my makeup because I knew I was sitting in the front row, so everyone would have their eyes on me, so that made the process of getting ready even more nerve wracking for me. Once everything was finished with my hair and makeup I began to put on my dress for graduation. I carefully slipped into my dress making sure not to mess up my hair or my makeup. Once I was in the dress I jumped in the car and was heading to school to where my excitement grew even more to lead up to my…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Last Year Of High School

    The next morning was of my official and final year of high school that I was about to begin. While I was getting ready to leave my parents were both off that day, and they wanted to drive me to school. As we were driving through our neighborhood; looking outside of the car window. I saw kids waiting for the bus but just like I did each semester it was different kids each time. The thought ran in my head of not having to wait for someone to pick and drop me off was no longer going to be my…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Senior Year Of High School

    This was it: senior year of high school. I had become one of the most popular girls in the school and planned to end my high school career with a bang. All I had to do was get through one more year without anyone knowing my secret. I had come this far, surely I could continue with this secret until June, right? I waltzed into my English class, ready for day one. Then, it happened: Dr. Linda Gilliam walked into the room. All the students hated her and I was no exception. She was a tough…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experiences In High School

    When I first thought about entering high school, I do not remember how I felt. I do not remember my exact emotions; but what I do remember are my experiences. I remember how lost I felt in the maze of high school hallways. I can recollect how fearful I was of seniors. I can remember the beauty of pretty girls faces, the gossip groups of teenagers, and how cool it seemed. I can remember them laughing, talking, having a good time. I wanted that, because if it 's one thing I noticed. It was that I…

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