Cultural Identity Essay

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  • Identity And Cultural Identity

    Cultural Identity can be most basically described as a sense of belonging within a group. It is formed due to companionship based on the same traditions, beliefs, social structures and languages. Cultural identity is specific for every person and isn’t universally the same. In conjunction with this when an individual migrates or is removed from a community a person’s mental and physical health can be negatively affected due to a lost sense of self and belonging. These concepts are depicted in the documentary ‘Crossing the Line’ as a consequence of the Aboriginal People’s loss of cultural norms, religious customs and having to adjust to a new culture, thus changing their sense of self and identity. Cultural identity is an important factor for health care professionals to consider as culturally sensitive practices need to be carried out to ensure every individual is attended to appropriately, continues to seek support and is encouraged to maintain good health. Sensitivity and understanding of an individual’s cultural identity is crucial when working as a health care professional. Despite the typical socio-economic problems involved in health inequalities the impact of a lack of understanding and sensitivity towards a person’s cultural identity and health need to be considered also. This issue is presented in ‘Crossing the Line’ when one of the medicine students, Paul attempted to talk to a group of Aboriginal students about mental health and suicide. However traditionally it…

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  • The Concept Of Identity, Identity And Cultural Identity

    The Concept of Identity To answer this question, it is important to first understand what is meant by identity. Identity concerns both self-identity and social identity. It is best understood not as an entity but as an emotionally charged description of ourselves. It is about the personal and the social as well as about us and the relations of others. It has been argued that identity is wholly cultural in character and does not exist outside of its representation in cultural discourse. Identity…

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  • My Identity And Cultural Identity

    Who Am I; I am defined by my beliefs, morals, and values. Thus far, in my life I’ve been through a lot of hurt, pain, and deceit but overall I conquered. Today I stand a young woman of integrity and honor due to my culture. However, I will not say that my culture has had a tremendous impact in my life but overall it has shaped, and molded me into a woman of excellence. Within this essay I’m going to take you to a place you’ve never seen before. I’m going to take you to a journey towards my…

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  • Cultural Identity

    In this day and age, it is anything but difficult to forget about our cultural legacy inside the monster blend of present day society. Keeping in mind the end goal is to comprehend how our background shapes the way we understand and react to conflict, maybe we should first attempt to comprehend the way of life from which we started. To begin, I was conceived in Guyana. Guyana is a little nation off the northern corner of South America; it is, however, incorporated into the Caribbean Region…

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  • Cultural Identity, Language, Cross-Cultural Relationships And Identity

    Titled “Grandpa’s Chickens”, she tucked into a hanging file folder titled “Important Documents”. Towards my school years, I moved on from dictation and I have kept writing notebooks ever since. I write for the sheer pleasure of creation, and the joy of introducing words together just to watch them dance across the page. I am a creator, a producer, a maker. My soul will not sit easily in my frame until I’ve cooked, baked, drawn, painted, or written something. Currently, my poems explore themes…

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  • Cultural Identity, Authenticity And Community Identity

    What do you see when you look at a Native American? Many people see their beautiful dances, the jewelry and clothes, long dark hair and copper-colored skin. But what makes them who they are? The teachings of their culture help mold them as an individual. Now, what do you see when you look at a Christian? They probably look like ordinary people. Some wear their spirituality on their sleeve, others may need a little more time to know where their faith lies. Two different spirits collide many times…

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  • My Culture, Identity, And Cultural Identity

    Cultural Identity Growing up, I learned that my family and I come from various cultures and backgrounds, which I thought was extremely unique. I concluded that my culture was unique because it was different from my friends that I grew up with because we were all different ethnicities. My race that I identity with is Caucasian and my ethnicities that I identity with are Swiss, Italian, German, and Native American. I grew up in Soledad, California, which is mainly populated by Hispanics so I knew…

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  • Globalization And Cultural Identity

    Cultural identity is the cultural factors specific to each level of cultural subjects. It is considered the core of the philosophy of development in each ethnic community. Globalization is impacting strongly on all areas of social life, including culture. Therefore, the construction of a new cultural identity, in line with national development needs and meet the demands of the times, but without losing the unique appearance of the nation as a central goal of national part in the globalization…

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  • The Importance Of Cultural Identity

    Learning journey is widely shaped by an individual’s sense of identity. However to understand how this identity shapes the learning journey, it is paramount to examine the various structures and themes associated with the term ‘identity’ such as gender, cultural and social. For these themes are constantly changing consequently affecting personal identity within the learning journey. This essay will mainly focus on the theme of cultural identity while reflecting on how my own experiences of…

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  • Cultural Impact On My Cultural Identity

    “She’s just a small town girl living in a lonely world,” these are the lyrics to the popular song, Small Town Girl, sung by the band Journey. While to many they may simply be just lyrics they are much more than that to me. Those eleven words have shaped my entire life. Culture contributes immensely to the personality and identity of an individual. An individual’s culture is based off of many characteristics. However, the ones that have had the greatest impact on my life are my geographic…

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