Social Identity And Political Identity

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Consequently, social status almost directly correlates with political identity, which in this day is a primary source of the characteristics that define humans. Our culture has viewed political identities as one of the defining characteristics of an individual 's Identity. How an individual carries themselves or acts in public is very different from the ways and individuals will act around close friends or family. Ultimately there interactions with others bring out the more reserved characteristics that an individual would like to be remembered by. An individual will act more professional and will be more mindful of his interactions. Many elected politicians and leaders within our society highlight these characteristics and are often seen as …show more content…
Consequently, this has caused many people to question if identity is formed at the beginning of life or if you can choose to be whoever you want to be, so lets explore. When a child is born, they are not taught to lie, cheat, steal, or anything of that nature. However, children lie, they aren 't taught to do this by their parents or in school, in fact they are taught the complete opposite. This begs the question, so how did they learn? Children lie innately; it is an instinct of humans to alter the truth if they feel that it could cause them harm or put them in an unfavorable position. This phenomenon has taken place since the beginning of time. However, though you have the ability to lie, you can choose not to. A person can choose their fate, break a bad habit or start a new one. Consequently, a person can choose to be someone different. A person who is raised in a rough neighbor hood and does not posses the same luxuries as others do does not mean they will always have to be in that situation. Being human is having the free will to decide your own fate and live the life you choose too. A criminal does not always have to be a criminal; people learn from their mistakes and because of this they have the ability to decide to make a change. Surroundings serve as a guide to the life your going to lead and the person that you will become. However, your surrounding do not define the person you are, someone who is born into success and wealth can still fail and end up worse than a person who wasn’t. It is because of this that I feel that people contain the ability within them to choose who they want to be as well as the kind of life that they want to live. Being human provides the ability to choose the identity and personality that people have. In the span of a

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