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  • Perseverance Essay Examples

    This Way, That Way, Wrong Way, Tea Party… What? I felt like Alice trying to find her way around in Wonderland every time I had to write an essay. Teachers always gave us very broad and generic topics, and every time I was left clueless as to what to write. There were so many possibilities and many directions to go, I felt like Alice trying to follow the signs. Every time I asked my teacher to explain the topic more to me, I felt like I was speaking to Cheshire Cat, and that didn’t help. I would go back to my desk feeling even more confused than before. I hated writing. I only wrote on a need-to-write basis, and only because my grade depended on it. I was always given a boring topic I didn’t care for, never was I taught that there was a way to make that topic mine, a way to embrace it and incorporate it into my own experiences. It seemed…

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  • High School Memories Essay

    then I thought it was going to. My grades slowly when down the drain, I didn 't care what my grades were until I realized if I didn 't get my act together I would be spending my whole summer vacation in summer school because I didn 't care what my grades were. In high school, my grades weren’t as the best than other individuals. Throughout my high school years, I had progressed. Freshman year I didn’t…

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  • The Importance Of Being A Student Athlete

    Every student in America must make joining a sports team one of their priority. Sports can make a students grades higher and make them a better person overall. Athletes have better grades and athletes have lower dropout rates than non-athletes. Being an athlete takes a lot of hard work and adding school to that does not make it easier than it is. The 3 p’s is always implemented when playing sports. Patience is one of the most important thing to have in the world today. If you are not patient you…

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  • Persuasive Essay: Abolishing Homework

    At home homework can give students a huge boost if they know how to do it, and can lower their grade just as much. If homework was abolished, the more challenged students would be closer to the smarter students because they won’t have to be graded on homework. Not giving homework could help kids get into college with the ability to receive more scholarships (Auroa). Scholarships grant students a lot of money, and sometime are the only reason kids pursue their career in school and go to college.…

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  • Feminist Stereotypes

    Unlike number ten from All Diva Media’s ‘Top 10 Feminist Stereotypes’, I am not a man hater – in fact, I was the only girl allowed to play with the boys as I was related to their ‘leader’. When I was little, my cousin, who was a grade older than me, was sort of like the leader of the few boys we had our split class. I never realized that I was being treated differently from all the other girls in my class. My classmates seemed to simply accepted the fact that I was the only girl allowed to play…

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  • Weighted Grading System Essay

    college credits and the preparation for post-secondary education. However, taking the difficult class does not benefit my GPA or class rank. Many times, I have considered joining a high school english class instead, as it is less challenging, and there is a higher probability of receiving a better grade. These downfalls often deprive me and other students from registering in rigorous courses, especially with an unweighted grading system. An unweighted grading system is a standard concept where…

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  • Grade Inflation In America

    The growth of grade inflation has become a nationwide pandemic and is rapidly growing as American’s continue to disregard this problem. The virus has spread to colleges including Harvard and Stanford like white blood cells drawn to an infection. Compared to other countries, the United States consistently ranks lower than foreign countries on international tests. Martin Carnoy and Richard Rothstein extracted data from average national test scores to examine the claim of Americans scoring the…

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  • Theories And Practices Of Multimodal Education

    I would be able to give my students feedback in a more beneficial way than simply circling a grade on a rubric, because the suggestions and praises in my recording would be authentic and real time. There is not only audio, but video as well. My students would be able to see exactly what I see on my screen while I am going over their assignment and grading it. This gives them the opportunity to see what different areas of the assignment that I point out in order for them to see their mistakes and…

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  • Art Classroom Observation Report

    When learning that I was going to be taking an art class this semester, I instantly became nervous. I always liked art, but I am not very good at it. It was nerve-racking because I have not been in an art class since 6th grade. This is because we had the choice between art and band, and I loved being in the band. My 6th grade art teacher was not very supportive and if the art was not up to her standards she would give you a bad grade, or make you redo it. Thinking back I could not recall a time…

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  • ENG 111 Class Reflection

    example, at the beginning of the semester, I would try to stay above a C. Mainly because at the beginning, I won’t have any experience in the subject and it will take time to adjust the pressure. After about two months, I try to above a B. By then, I would have adjusted to the pressure that comes with the subject. Finally during the final last months of the semester, I will try to keep an A due to the fact that I would be used to the work that I was assigned. But during all of that, I would also…

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