Case Study: Significant Change In The Policy And Practices Of Grading

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The scenario that confronts Mr. Chris Warren is an attention-grabbing predicament that will without a doubt create significant change in the policy and practices of grading. Foremost, the issue that is creating this dilemma should be examined to determine if the appropriate policies are being followed. The practice that Mr. Warren has followed is a procedure that he or possibly someone prior to his administration initiated that could not align with school board policy on grading. An additional concern that was not noted is the possibility of having an end-of-course exam for graduation. If an end-of-course exam is a requirement to graduate, this practice causes serious concern for the ability of a special education student to pass with the appropriate …show more content…
As the IEPs are written, the essential question is what are the goals for and the accommodations provided to the students? If an IEP is written to state the only accommodation a student may receive is extra time, subsequently, allowing the student to receive a grade for an assignment that he or she did not complete on the accurate grade level would be a violation of the student’s IEP.
The following is a course of action that I propose to rectify the situation that has been created. First and foremost, by February 10th “what has been done has been done.” As the principal, it not only will be hard to go back and change grades that have been recorded but also will be dishonest and discriminatory to all students affected. Potentially, for many students a transcript will have already been sent to colleges. Changing grades (either to raise or lower) must be done in accordance with board policy and would have to be lead by the teacher who administered the grade. Any change by the principal not initiated by the teacher would be a violation of the law. A principal will have to be prepared to defend his or her practices. Unfortunately, if the practice is not aligned with the school board policy, any defense will be very limited.
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Parents by this time will have inspected and reviewed the educational records of their child. Furthermore, they could obtain an independent educational evaluation of their student if they disagree with the decision. If grades were to change at this point, it is possible that they would have to give consent before the school took certain action with respect

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